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Stories from entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs have fascinating, dynamic stories. They are all different. What is similar is their Entrepreneur Factor. Their "E-Factor." Experience their candid stories with us.

Curt Gridley, a Tribute

April 8, 2024

Curt Gridley loved being with his family.  Curt loved solving problems and helping others solve theirs.  And he solved a lot of difficult problems.  His methodical approach gave people an insight into his thought process.  This allowed others to learn and to be inspired.  

Curt you continue to inspire us all.  You are missed.  Your legacy lives on through the problems you helped us solve.  Rest in peace. 



Michelle Eastman,

April 1, 2024

For over 50 years Rainbows United has supported kids with developmental delays.  Families needing support at home or on a Rainbows campus are served by an incredible highly trained staff. South Central Kansas is a better place because of the work Rainbows does for the people of our community.  

Michelle Eastman has dedicated nearly 20 years to the advancement of Rainbows United so more services can be provided to families in need of developmental assistance for their kids.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share the stories of what they do.  This is a group of incredible people coming together every day to make today a great day for the children they serve.

Thank you Rainbows United.  And you can thank them too.  Participate an any way you can by visiting



Mike Rajewski the General Manager KAKE TV

March 27, 2024

"The death of live television has been Falsely predicted for decades..."

-Mike Rajewski, General Manager KAKE

It's been a joy to get to know Mike and see the contribution he has made to Kansas.  KAKEland is an important broadcast network in Kansas and the Headquarters received a facelift and significant upgrades to its technology so they can continue to deliver news and entertainment across the state.  

Enjoy our conversation about life, our freedoms, opportunities and a little guitar solo from Mr. Rajewski and my, my my it is a beautiful world!
















Phil Mershon, Author & Director of Experience at Social Media Examiner

March 19, 2024

"If you haven't walked away different then why did you go?"

-Phil Mershon Director of Experience

When you have a "culture of service" you are focussed on creating the best experience for your Guest (customer, employee, client, patient..)  And Phil Mershon is leading in creating transformational experiences.

I think we need to think of the daily work more as an experience that we are creating.  Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, Leaders-- we are all trying to convey a message and doing that by creating a great experience is a way to deliver Value.  Phil writes in his book Unforgettable about this opportunity.  We can all deliver better for customers/clients/employees if we concentrate on a quality and memorable experience. 



OSS Ventures Founder & CEO Renan Devillieres

March 11, 2024

"More important than the machine is the machine that builds the machine." -- Renan Devillieres, CEO

Renan is a global Entrepreneur who invests in and co-builds the software stack of the future of operations.  They have found great success helping manufacturing firms modernize and create greater value through customized software.

Renan is incredibly thoughtful. "It all starts with a deep desire to change," he demonstrates. His journey to become an entrepreneur is because of his pursuit to find the best solutions.  Entrepreneurs are often not satisfied with the way things are so they take action.  And this is how the world will be a harmonious place.  Take action like Renan to solve a problem for profit.  Do not wait, Humanity has the capacity to build a great today and a thriving tomorrow. 



Prime IV Lacy & Cody Beard

March 4, 2024

"We started with a small change... we saved for a decade... we wanted to do something together that fits with who we are."

-- Cody Beard, Prime IV East & West Wichita 

An Entrepreneurs' journey takes different paths and there is not a determined timeline. However, Success is undoubtedly through determination to take action.

Lacy and Cody took action and they brought Prime IV Hydration & Wellness to Wichita, KS.  With incremental improvement your life will be so much better. And you need to start now. 

One of the ways you can improve cognitively and physically is through proper hydration and supplementation.  This is what Prime IV is delivering.  This is an important piece to improving your life today as you build a strong body and mind for your future self. Visit Prime IV.  "You don't know what you are missing until you have it."




Future Ready! with Robert Feeney, Ringorang CEO

February 26, 2024

"With. Take the ACTION with the obstacles." -Robert Feeney

Robert Feeney is using his technology Ringorang to help students become Future Ready.

Ringorang is a technology that is proven to change behaviors and when an individual needs help changing a certain behavior they can do it by engaging in a 1-2 minute daily "game" that begins to direct you to better outcomes.

Robert is committed to making Ringorang the technology that drives future readiness so we can solve the problems an unprepared workforce causes.  Rather, our world will be full of individuals seeking solutions and positive outcomes because we are Future Ready.



Jonathan Roper, Entrepreneur, Founder Wichita Sewer & Drain

February 19, 2024

"I asked myself, how can I flip capitalism and our financial system to work for me?"

-Jonathan Roper, Entrepreneur

When you get a chance to hear a Founder/Entrepreneur talk about the process followed to create opportunities, it is a rare moment of transparency.  We may hear about the difficulties, hard work and persistence and we will never quite understand that grind. 

Jonathan Roper gives us a glimpse into his process from lost and panicked to taking action and creating the life he knew he could for his family and for those he collaborates with as an Entrepreneur.

You can create something that has never been done or you can work at something harder than most but the bottom line is you must create Value.  Jonathan thinks about creating Value for Customers, Partners, Employees and the Community with every opportunity he pursues. 



Sheldon Coleman, CEO

February 12, 2024

"When they [endocannabinoid system] line up better, your body is working more efficiently and you feel better."

-Sheldon Coleman, CEO AdvenTrue

In part II of our discussion with Sheldon Coleman we have a refined dialogue around Hemp and the scientific processes that take place at AdvenTrue to create the wellness products they procure.  Cannabis is the plant and Hemp is a species of that plant from which a myriad of cannabinoids can be derived.  

CBD, CBN,CBG... all of this can be confusing and confusion means people are not engaging with Hemp wellness products that can potentially solve ailments.  Sheldon and his team study this plant and through their vigorous research and development AdvenTrue refines natural solutions.  With more research, the promise of solutions that meet people's expectations occur.  Lives are positively impacted.  Let's learn more so we can take action for healthier outcomes. 



Steven Werner Co-Founder/CEO Lawn Buddy & Blue Ox

February 5, 2024

"Learn to not carry the burden of the fear of failure."

-Steven Werner, CEO Lawn Buddy/Blue Ox


It is my experience that entrepreneurs and Founders are slightly different.  The difference is in the pursuit.  All entrepreneurs have grit and determination. They figure out a way.  The Founder pursues the idea, the business like their life depended on it.  We can all learn from Founders but there is a good chance we won't all understand Founders.  "You have to put yourself in situations to do hard things," Steven extols.  

Steven Werner is an entrepreneur.  Steven is a Founder and he shares why he has such reverence for this pursuit. 



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Brandon has been working with entrepreneurs his entire professional career. An entrepreneur is not easily defined. They come from any background. Their path to success develops outside of traditional paradigms. This is why their stories are so intriguing. This is why we are all fascinated by their stories. what is consistent with all entrepreneurs is the unshakable belief in their desired goal and the will to just get it done.