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Elsewhere Music Fest & Conference with Midtopia Co-Founders Chase Koch, Jessie & Adam Hartke

July 8, 2024

"We finally unlocked the potential of the Wichita music ecosystem. People in our community felt support and when they feel supported they grow." - Jessie Hartke

"I've never seen a ball of Energy like that. I just want to thank Wichita" - Chase Koch

"Social Change, you can say it or you can see it in action." - Adam Hartke

The Elsewhere Music Fest exploded in Wichita, Kansas in late June, seemingly out of nowhere. From nowhere, Midtopia co-founders Chase Koch, Adam & Jessie Hartke created Elsewhere. It was a celebration of individual human creativity and potential. With the largest number of local musicians and artists coming together to put on a show for the rest of the world to see, Elsewhere Fest, as Chase put it, "Is not just about the music and the art. It was a Movement.  And movements start from the bottom up." 

Adam and Jessie Hartke have worked and inspired the music scene in Wichita for nearly 20 years. Elsewhere Fest proves what can happen when you perservere and when you ask others to participate in a great idea.

The music and art inspired change-- a social change that each individual could feel and take action on so that our lives can collaboratively improve. It was a star studded lineup, (Steve Aoki, Lane 8, Killer Mike, Sultan+Shepard, BadBadNotGood, Massane...) and we all felt unified with a freedom to express the best of who we are. And as Killer Mike proclaimed, "This is one of the smartest and most socially conscious festivals I’ve ever been a part of." 

This is the power of Elsewhere.





Clint Stevens, CyberLab Director, Knowmadics Inc.

July 1, 2024

"If an adversary gains this type of information, what are they going to do with it?" -Clint Stevens

With over 23 years of dedicated service in military intelligence, Clint offers a wealth of expertise in cybersecurity gained through extensive experience and practical on-the-job training. Emphasizing the power of experiential learning, Clint believes that we learn most effectively by actively engaging in tasks. In the face of unfamiliar challenges or threats, his motto is simple: adapt and overcome.

Knowmadics chose Wichita Kansas, because of our unique capabilities and the resources in our community. Cyber security and cyber threats are not declining. In fact, they are expanding as we continue to rely on space as the next frontier of communication and exchange of information. It brings with it a vast and diverse network of potential threats to National Security, business and culture.

Clint has a logical mindset for tackling cyber security challenges. Logical thinking is valuable when it comes to experimenting and developing effective strategies to combat cyber threats. By leveraging his abilities in his cyber lab, Clint and his Team work to stay ahead of emerging threats, test new security measures, and develop innovative solutions to protect against potential cyber attacks. 




Clay Shively, Elite Runner, Elite Human Being with Coach Randy Mijares

July 1, 2024

"We are running for something bigger than ourselves." -Clay Shively

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence, talent will not…" It’s also important to be coachable.

Clay Shively discovered running as a freshman in high school. Most elite athletes begin working on their sport early in their life. That is why they excel-- they have thousands of hours of training. Clay Shively had a hidden talent to be an elite runner, and it took coaching and being coachable to reach his elite status.  This is an extremely demanding sport.  Clay does the work.

In 2023, as a Junior, Shively broke a 58-year-old Kansas indoor mile record held by Jim Ryun.  Clay has competed and won races against elite national and college talent while still in high school. And he hasn’t even begun to reach his potential.

Clay will be running for the Lumberjacks at Northern Arizona University (one of the top programs in the country) in the fall of 2024.  His principled belief, his discipline, his heart and his joyful attitude make this elite athlete so much fun to know and to cheer for. Coach Randy Mijares is "judicious with athletes" and his leadership paired with Clay's remarkable ability, gives this elite runner the chance to race to the top.

And he is improving every day.



D'Aydrian Harding Stay Sober Summer Tour,

June 24, 2024

"I try to have Fun with every. single thing I do." -D'Aydrian Harding

D’Aydrian Harding does have fun in everything he does and it’s on full display in his videos on YouTube. With over 3 million subscribers on the YouTube platform, 10 million subscribers on TikTok and millions more across othe Social Media platforms, he has captured the attention of America. His message, Stay Sober. His merch is incredibly positive and it’s also incredibly popular.

"Stay sober, you idiot" what a great way to get the attention of the youth. 

He is incredibly thoughtful. He has high emotional intelligence and he cares deeply about his fans. Make sure you catch him this summer on his Stay Sober Summer Tour all across the United States of America.  

Visit and subscribe



Chase Koch, Co-Founder Elsewhere Music Fest & Conference

June 17, 2024

"We believe in the power of music to unify people." -- Chase Koch

Elsewhere Music Festival & Conference is here in Wichita, USA.

Entrepreneurs, Artists, the business community and non-profits have collaborated for Social Change through action.  Removing barriers for Artists so they can reach their full potential-- this is a festival celebrating the unification of people so we can all work to reach our full potential.  Chase and his Co-Founders Adam & Jessie Hartke are intentional about bringing local acts as well as National and International artists for our community to embrace at the Elsewhere Fest.

Visual Artists who have beautified our city with colorful, meaningful murals will contribute to the aesthetic of Elsewhere Fest. In life and in people, when we have an aligned vision we can accomplish beautiful outcomes. Let's experience the Elsewhere Music Festival.



Wayne Bell District Director, Small Business Administration

June 7, 2024

"In this community... you really are one phone call away from an opportunity." -Wayne Bell, District Director SBA

Entrepreneurs need to know and understand the resources they have available to them so they can continue to deliver greater value for their customers.  The SBA has an enormous amount of resources.  When an Institution has so much to offer constituents, it can be overwheling.  This is why Wayne Bell and his team at the SBA are so important to know.  

Build your team and create a relationship with people.  The tools the SBA has need navigating and Wayne has spent the last 16 years helping businesses-- giving them a greater chance to succeed.  

I am grateful to know Wayne Bell.  His honest and humble Leadership continues to inform business and entrepreneurship in our community. 



Samantha Lucciarini, Entrepreneur/Publisher Real Producers Wichita

June 3, 2024

"I have had to get so comfortable with being uncomfortable... keep risking, because its worth it." -- Samantha Lucciarini

When you find what you love, what you are good at and it brings you success, it doesn't mean that you will not face a tough road.  This is the journey of the Entrepreneur.  

Knocked down? Get up.

Samamtha found her love when she found Real Producers, a real estate magazine that celebrates the best of the industry.  And she clebrates them, "loves on them" as she joyfully says.  She is at her best when she is doing that. 

Its not easy to be successful.  It is even harder to stay successful.  Staying there is the measure of the human being.  Samantha measures up.  Knocked down.  Got up.  And she is better now than ever. That means her Customers, her Clients, her beloved Real Estate community will flourish as she works hard for them every day.   

She is a success story and she is going to stay there.  Life is "beautiful when your mindset is great." 



Golf with Corey Novascone, 14x State Champ Coach, FirstTee Program Director

May 27, 2024

"When you Play, Play for something." - Corey Novascone

Congratulations to Coach Novascone and his boys of Kapaun Mt. Carmel on a 2024 Team State Championship and to Asher Whitaker, 2024 Individual Champion.

Golf is a remarkable game.  So many of us play it, or try to, and very few are excellent at it.  No one beats it.  It is a game of honor, respect and individual accountability.  These are principles that allow all of us to Live and Lead in life.  

Coach Corey Novascone declares, "Golf has given me everything." And he, in turn, gives back to golf through Coaching and Leadership.  

The First Tee program is the definition of Leadership in Life through its programs that offer development to Youth.  It is successful.  The First Tee has positively affected thousands of kids.  

Golf is a great game.  Find a way to make it part of your life. 

visit: &



Michael Gregory, The Collaboration Effect, Author/Entrepreneur/Conflict Resolution

May 16, 2024

"You gotta take the chance. You cannot sit and aggressively wait for the phone to ring."               -Michael Gregory

Mike Gregory will improve your Business.  He is a self-proclaimed "data driven" guy. And the real strength in that is his application of the data.  He has helped resolve conflict negotiations within large scale Corporations, Start-ups, Family Businesses and the Department of the Treasury.  Conflict resolution at any scale is complicated.  He helps because he never forgets that we are human beings and we all need to be treated that way.  Constantly learning, listening to people and taking action are his best attributes and he can teach us how we can apply them and improve our daily lives.



Sean Gates, Founder Gates Institute gates

May 13, 2024

"Mentoring needs to be Revolutionized. The Talents of our Children are going to waste."  -Sean Gates/ Founder

The reason we get up every day and [should] work towards a "worthy ideal" is the collisions that can take place with other Human Beings.  I am so grateful I collided with Sean Gates.  His work daily is towards a "progressive realization of a worthy ideal."

That ideal?-- alerting society that our chilren are not being given the tools to prepare them for thier future and we all need to participate in fixing that.

He calls it the "Child Industry" and Sean doesn't like the business model or the results.  So he is doing something about it.  The Gates Institute is an Individual approach to child mentoring with Accountability and a focus on Outcomes.

"We live in such a fake world.  These children are dying for something Real!" Sean asserts.

I am grateful I met Sean.  He shares how he helps and why.  

We all have work to do.



Phil Mershon, Author/Creator of Experience/Entrepreneur

May 7, 2024

Being present with people, "I think it's the way that humans are designed to work together."  -- Phil Mershon

Phil is back on the because Experience is a BIG subject.  

Every day is full of experiences.  How are we setting ourselves apart and creating and undeniable experience?



Ashley Moore, Entrepreneur Owner/Operator Interiors by Design Gallery

April 29, 2024

"We pride ourselves on Customer Service; mindful, strategic and efficient with your time."     -Ashley Moore

Ashley gives of herself every day.  It benefits all who know her, work with her.. and even those who don't.  Entrepreneurs must adapt.  And as Ashley says, "my purpose hasn't changed. My job desription has."

The admiration I have for her Leadership is becuase of her willingness to share the tough times along with the success.  That is Leadership.




John Culver, Owner/Operator Parks Motors

April 22, 2024

"I've learned a lot more from my mistakes than I have from my triumphs." -- John Culver

I have yet to meet a successful Entrepreneur who does not stress Hard Work and the necessity of good People to help you achieve your goals.

John Culver is no acceptation.  His professional life and professional success comes from a foundation of Hard Work.  Success seems to proliferate when a few more ingredients are added: a Mission Statement, great People and doing what you say you are going to do.

With Integrity you can persist.  And John Culver's career speaks to all of these attributes.  I am grateful to have this conversation because the formula for success is undeniable and John's story represents this relationship. 



Commissioner Ryan Baty, Father/Entrepreneur/Leader

April 15, 2024

"I am a Localist. In Sedgwick County we need to sew seeds Relationally. Great leaders cast Vision." --Ryan Baty

Commissioner Ryan Baty is leading through the relationships he is creating.  We have a lot of issues to solve in Sedgwick County and in the Greater Wichita area.  We can solve those problems through communication and collaboration.  Ryan Baty ran on message to make Sedgwick County a safer and more productive place to live and he is doing that by not following the status quo.  

Commissioner Baty is giving us all a chance to work together because that is how we solve local problems.  And we al need to be Localists.  This is our community and we do deserve to make it the best place to live and thrive.  

I am grateful for his leadership.



Curt Gridley, a Tribute

April 8, 2024

Curt Gridley loved being with his family.  Curt loved solving problems and helping others solve theirs.  And he solved a lot of difficult problems.  His methodical approach gave people an insight into his thought process.  This allowed others to learn and to be inspired.  

Curt you continue to inspire us all.  You are missed.  Your legacy lives on through the problems you helped us solve.  Rest in peace. 



Michelle Eastman,

April 1, 2024

For over 50 years Rainbows United has supported kids with developmental delays.  Families needing support at home or on a Rainbows campus are served by an incredible highly trained staff. South Central Kansas is a better place because of the work Rainbows does for the people of our community.  

Michelle Eastman has dedicated nearly 20 years to the advancement of Rainbows United so more services can be provided to families in need of developmental assistance for their kids.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share the stories of what they do.  This is a group of incredible people coming together every day to make today a great day for the children they serve.

Thank you Rainbows United.  And you can thank them too.  Participate an any way you can by visiting



Mike Rajewski the General Manager KAKE TV

March 27, 2024

"The death of live television has been Falsely predicted for decades..."

-Mike Rajewski, General Manager KAKE

It's been a joy to get to know Mike and see the contribution he has made to Kansas.  KAKEland is an important broadcast network in Kansas and the Headquarters received a facelift and significant upgrades to its technology so they can continue to deliver news and entertainment across the state.  

Enjoy our conversation about life, our freedoms, opportunities and a little guitar solo from Mr. Rajewski and my, my my it is a beautiful world!
















Phil Mershon, Author & Director of Experience at Social Media Examiner

March 19, 2024

"If you haven't walked away different then why did you go?"

-Phil Mershon Director of Experience

When you have a "culture of service" you are focussed on creating the best experience for your Guest (customer, employee, client, patient..)  And Phil Mershon is leading in creating transformational experiences.

I think we need to think of the daily work more as an experience that we are creating.  Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, Leaders-- we are all trying to convey a message and doing that by creating a great experience is a way to deliver Value.  Phil writes in his book Unforgettable about this opportunity.  We can all deliver better for customers/clients/employees if we concentrate on a quality and memorable experience. 



OSS Ventures Founder & CEO Renan Devillieres

March 11, 2024

"More important than the machine is the machine that builds the machine." -- Renan Devillieres, CEO

Renan is a global Entrepreneur who invests in and co-builds the software stack of the future of operations.  They have found great success helping manufacturing firms modernize and create greater value through customized software.

Renan is incredibly thoughtful. "It all starts with a deep desire to change," he demonstrates. His journey to become an entrepreneur is because of his pursuit to find the best solutions.  Entrepreneurs are often not satisfied with the way things are so they take action.  And this is how the world will be a harmonious place.  Take action like Renan to solve a problem for profit.  Do not wait, Humanity has the capacity to build a great today and a thriving tomorrow. 



Prime IV Lacy & Cody Beard

March 4, 2024

"We started with a small change... we saved for a decade... we wanted to do something together that fits with who we are."

-- Cody Beard, Prime IV East & West Wichita 

An Entrepreneurs' journey takes different paths and there is not a determined timeline. However, Success is undoubtedly through determination to take action.

Lacy and Cody took action and they brought Prime IV Hydration & Wellness to Wichita, KS.  With incremental improvement your life will be so much better. And you need to start now. 

One of the ways you can improve cognitively and physically is through proper hydration and supplementation.  This is what Prime IV is delivering.  This is an important piece to improving your life today as you build a strong body and mind for your future self. Visit Prime IV.  "You don't know what you are missing until you have it."




Future Ready! with Robert Feeney, Ringorang CEO

February 26, 2024

"With. Take the ACTION with the obstacles." -Robert Feeney

Robert Feeney is using his technology Ringorang to help students become Future Ready.

Ringorang is a technology that is proven to change behaviors and when an individual needs help changing a certain behavior they can do it by engaging in a 1-2 minute daily "game" that begins to direct you to better outcomes.

Robert is committed to making Ringorang the technology that drives future readiness so we can solve the problems an unprepared workforce causes.  Rather, our world will be full of individuals seeking solutions and positive outcomes because we are Future Ready.



Jonathan Roper, Entrepreneur, Founder Wichita Sewer & Drain

February 19, 2024

"I asked myself, how can I flip capitalism and our financial system to work for me?"

-Jonathan Roper, Entrepreneur

When you get a chance to hear a Founder/Entrepreneur talk about the process followed to create opportunities, it is a rare moment of transparency.  We may hear about the difficulties, hard work and persistence and we will never quite understand that grind. 

Jonathan Roper gives us a glimpse into his process from lost and panicked to taking action and creating the life he knew he could for his family and for those he collaborates with as an Entrepreneur.

You can create something that has never been done or you can work at something harder than most but the bottom line is you must create Value.  Jonathan thinks about creating Value for Customers, Partners, Employees and the Community with every opportunity he pursues. 



Sheldon Coleman, CEO

February 12, 2024

"When they [endocannabinoid system] line up better, your body is working more efficiently and you feel better."

-Sheldon Coleman, CEO AdvenTrue

In part II of our discussion with Sheldon Coleman we have a refined dialogue around Hemp and the scientific processes that take place at AdvenTrue to create the wellness products they procure.  Cannabis is the plant and Hemp is a species of that plant from which a myriad of cannabinoids can be derived.  

CBD, CBN,CBG... all of this can be confusing and confusion means people are not engaging with Hemp wellness products that can potentially solve ailments.  Sheldon and his team study this plant and through their vigorous research and development AdvenTrue refines natural solutions.  With more research, the promise of solutions that meet people's expectations occur.  Lives are positively impacted.  Let's learn more so we can take action for healthier outcomes. 



Steven Werner Co-Founder/CEO Lawn Buddy & Blue Ox

February 5, 2024

"Learn to not carry the burden of the fear of failure."

-Steven Werner, CEO Lawn Buddy/Blue Ox


It is my experience that entrepreneurs and Founders are slightly different.  The difference is in the pursuit.  All entrepreneurs have grit and determination. They figure out a way.  The Founder pursues the idea, the business like their life depended on it.  We can all learn from Founders but there is a good chance we won't all understand Founders.  "You have to put yourself in situations to do hard things," Steven extols.  

Steven Werner is an entrepreneur.  Steven is a Founder and he shares why he has such reverence for this pursuit. 



James Franko, President Kansas Policy Institute

January 29, 2024

"What can we do to remove those barrier? put that money directly in control of the parents."

--James Franko on Education Savings Accounts and school choice.

It is logical that we all learn differently and that means we all need options for learning.  When it comes to school and the development of kids it is important to provide meaningful choices for parents to help educate their child.  The Kansas Policy Institute has studied this issue and helped create solutions so that more kids have access to learn and develop.  Legacy Institutions should be a choice but it cannot be the only choice.  That is not logical.  Lets give parents and kids more opportunity to learn and the resources they need to do it.



Jason Toevs, artificial intelligence

January 22, 2024

"Provision means: For the Vision.  If we don't have Vison, how do we expect Provision?"

-Jason Toevs, Entrepreneur

Artificial General Intelligence is the most compelling technology of my lifetime.  So why does something with such incredible promise and opportunity scare so many people?  ai is both promising and terrifying at the same time because human being have the capacity to do extraordinary things at the same time human being have the capacity to do horrible things.  This is the paradox of humanity.  

Jason Toevs is the successful Entrepreneur with whom to have this discussion.  He has created/Founded/CEOed multiple companies and that is hard to do.  It takes incredible discipline and  good judgement.  Artificial Intelligence has spectacular applications that will advance human potential.  The application of it, the vision of it, takes good judgment.  The world is full of people with varying degrees of judgement and discipline.  ai is amongst us and it is not going back in the bottle.  So tell us Jason Toevs, how do we positively transform society using Artificial Intelligence knowing the paradox of being human?



Sheldon Coleman, CEO & Co-Founder

January 15, 2024

Sheldon Coleman is life-long entrepreneur and businessman.  The best entrepreneurs pursue ventures that solve problems for people.  And they solve problems in areas that they believe in, have a passion for and can track with fervor.  

AdvenTrue Wellness is a nature based Hemp company.  Sheldon and his team continue to do extensive research and development to create plant-based solutions to improve the quality of your life.  They want the public to be well informed so they are constantly communicating details about each product and the science behind the solution.  Adventrue has solutions and answers to all of your questions about how these products can make your life better, naturally. 



Breaking the Law with Ashlyn Lindskog & Sam Foreman

January 8, 2024

"Wait! Wait! This can be different." -- Ashlyn Lindskog, Attorney

"I had to climb workaholic mountain." -- Sam Foreman, Attorney

Sam Foreman and Ashlyn Lindskog take a thoughtful approach to practicing law.  "The traditional practice of law can really hurt people," says Sam Foreman. And that is why Sam decided to start his own practice with a different approach for the benefit of his clients and the benefit of the Lawyers he collaborated with.  Ashlyn has a similar perspective, that the practice of law squeezes your time and then you have nothing left for your Family, for your own life.  

Sam and Ashlyn have a new podcast Breaking the Law and you should listen.  These are two very bright legal minds and they are even better human beings.  Entrepreneurs must be true to themselves and their mission or they will lose their identity.  These entrepreneurial lawyers have created a path to be the best attorney because they focus on being their best selves.



Jess Cornejo, The Cornejo Family with Ron & Marty Cornejo

January 2, 2024

"Somebody has to take the risk." -- Ron Cornejo

"We are used to self-performing." -- Marty Cornejo

When Jess Cornejo took the risk to go into business for himself, his wife Josephine broke into tears.  Someone has to be willing to take the risk and that does not mean that it is without fear or pain.  Often times we just see success and we do not see the pain, the sacrifice, the discipline to press on every day.  

Jess had the courage and the determination and he put his name on it.  Ron and Marty Cornejo learned the power of hard work from their Father.  The Cornejo Family is in the 3rd generation of putting hard work and discipline into action.  And they continue to transform Wichita with the projects they do, the people they collaborate with and the opportunities they create.  




Mayor Lily Wu

December 27, 2023

"Engagement. Engagement is about communication. We want to remind our community we are serving them."

- Mayor Lily Wu

All for Wichita is how Lily ran her campaign and all for Wichita is how she is leading Wichita.  And all she asks from us is to actively participate so we can all celebrate small wins and big wins together.  This is Wichita and we all deserve to "reach our full potential" together.




Ben Sauceda, CEO Kansas Aviation Museum

December 18, 2023

""I feel like we are in the golden age of Aviation... Wichita has some of the brightest minds in Aerospace."

-Ben Sauceda

Aviation and aerospace manufacturing are synonymous with Wichita, KS.  The history is barely 100 years and we have gone from wooden propellers to Direct Metal Laser Sintering.  And the greatest trajectory is yet to come.  

Ben Sauceda leads the Kansas Aviation Museum.  His greatest strength is sharing the capacity Wichita and Kansas possess so that we can successfully collaborate with partners around the world.  That brings industry, innovation and quality people to our community.  Our future is bright because of leaders like Ben.



Jennifer Strong McConachie, GO Multisport

December 11, 2023

Jennifer has written a follow up to her successful adventure athlete book Go Far.  In Go Multisport she is sharing how to make adventure and sport more accessible to all and giving us the inspiration to make it happen.  

All of our lives are more fulfilled when we take action.  And Jennifer details why taking action is so satisfying.  Around each of us is an adventure and when we take the step to engage in the parks, rivers, streams and trails that are all around us-- we unlock more of our human potential and enjoyment in this beautiful life.

Reserve your copy of Go Multisport from today.  Your life and the life of those around will improve as you  exude exercise with your exploration! 



Angel Culver, Realtor JP Weigand & Entrepreneur

December 4, 2023

Angel's genuine curiosity for people, for life is her unique ability.  You put that together with hard and you have a person who creates value for others.  

When Angel first got into real estate she collaborated with other professionals because [as she state] "I didn't want my client to lose money on a deal because of my inexperience."  

That is an abundant mindset.



Eric Litwiller, Mental Health Association

November 27, 2023

The Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas serves a vital role in our community.  MHA is committed to giving a hand up when any of us may need it.

At Christmas time it is better to give than receive-- there is no question about that.  Families who do not have resources for basic needs ask MHA for help and MHA asks the community to "Adopt a Bell."  

Our friend Eric Litwiller is a tremendous voice for MHA and connecting many of us to this organization so we can help.  He shares the story of "the Bell" and is candid about struggles that any of us can and are facing.

Please visit the website and see how you can make this holiday season better for someone.  It is truly better to give than receive. 



Nestor Weigand, may he rest in peace

November 20, 2023

Re-release from our January 2020 conversation

Wichita lost a prolific Leader.  Wichita lost a fantastic Friend.

"And if we get up thinking we are entitled, instead of thanking God for the blessings we have...we got up on the wrong side of the bed, I believe."

-Nestor Weigand

From the Book of Proverbs: 

Blessed is the man for whom a good family lives, to whom work is a pleasure, by whom his friends are encouraged, with whom others are comfortable, in whom a clear conscience abides.

Rest in Peace Mr. Weigand.



Chef George Youssef, Chester's & George's

November 13, 2023

"Our culture is this, LOVE, nothing but love."

Chef George Youssef

A first generation Wichitan, a first generation American; George Youssef has his heart in everything he does.  People are the most important part of his life and he works every day to be humble and to lead with love.  I am grateful for this.  I am grateful for his friendship.



Candid Health Advisors with Dr. Brandon Alleman & Molly Breitenbach, CPA

November 6, 2023

"Because someone gave me a 'Not Discount Card', I can no longer do the thing that is important, [which is] take care of their health"

-- Dr. Brandon Alleman

Entrepreneurs are like artists; the work they do must have meaning behind it.  Dr. Brandon Alleman is dedicated to Direct Primary Care because "when you have physicians running the Practice you have Doctors who can choose to do what is best for their patient."

Molly Breitnebach, CPA was compelled to work in the area of Direct Primary Care because of the results she experienced.  There is profound meaning behind her decision to leave traditional accounting and to help people seek the best healthcare solutions. And she did.  Candid Health Advisors was created to help people ready for a change from the Insurance model to direct patient/doctor access.  

It can be intimidating, even scary to make a change on how your health care is delivered.  It intimidates me and I am convinced that this is the best way forward.

Dr. Alleman and Molly Breitenbach are committed to helping you access correctly incentivized health care.  That is the job of the entrepreneur-- show you the incentives.  




Vanessa Whiteside,, author SECRET Wichita

October 30, 2023

"Its a GET UP AND GO kind of book."

Vanessa Whiteside, Author Secret Wichita

Entrepreneurs are created when action is taken on the idea/dream burning inside.  Vanessa took action and her Life, her One Delightful Life, is the result.  And in her second book, SECRET Wichita, she gives us the knowledge, history and culture that makes up our thriving community.

Vanessa is living a life of purpose and she is fulfilling her curiosity so we can fulfill ours.  Visit and engage with her eclectic experiences and to buy her books published by Reedy Press.  



Klaus Schwab, Stakeholder Capitalism with Dr. Dix

October 23, 2023

"I believe that State Capitalism in the short term provides certain advantages because you can mobilize in a concentrated way a lot of resources to reach a specific objective. I believe the future is not State Capitalism or Shareholder [private] Capitalism, the future is what I call Stakeholder Capitalism which is capitalism combined with social responsibility."

-- Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab wants the world to participate in solving our problems and he has a few rules to make sure it's done right.  And that means the pesky individuals who believe in free association and free markets must set aside those values and get on board with Stakeholders.  And since individuals do not understand the importance of the "stakes" Klaus will seek people capable of solving these very technical problems.  We will call them Technocrats; George Soros, Bill Gates, John Kerry are a few worthy leaders who are technically proficient in solving all of these problems.

So you should feel a relief.  Klaus has the plan and he calls it Stakeholder Capitalism.  I used my pocket Thesaurus to find a synonym for his term and Productive Socialism came up! Wow! how silly of us.  I read about that throughout history and it never ends well-- millions of people dying through the State, oops I mean Stakeholders...

Anyhooo, they have it figured out now and all it took was rebranding!  Stakeholder Capitalism-- This time it's different. Coming to a city near you.



Tommy Castor, Wichita Thunder Hockey

October 16, 2023

Tommy Castor uses his unique abilities every day of his life in a career he pursued and you can hear it in his voice.  You can hear that voice on local Sports Talk radio KFH 98.7 and Keeper of the Games podcast (@KOGpod).

It is a joy to talk with people that love what they do.  There is an inspiration and a connection that happens when you see their spark. 

Tommy is also VP for the Wichita Thunder and they drop the puck for their 32nd season in Wichita, USA on October 20th.  We have professional sports in this community and none with a longer standing than the Wichita Thunder.  Go see them.  Tommy and his staff have been very creative to make experiences for all at Thunder Hockey games. 

Don't know what the crease is? No matter, there are places to hang at the arena for lots of novice hockey fans. Confused by the Power Play?! Show up to see the Thunder play and you will feel the excitement in the fastest moving professional sport.



Alex Bennett, Author

October 9, 2023

"I live off the generosity of others" --Alex Bennett

Art mimics life.  Alex interacts with people in a place where we are arguably our most human-- a bar.  We go to bars to be with people.  We go to be a lone.  We laugh and cry.  A bar gives us what we need and it also can take it all away.

Alex has spent his life with us in that bar.  A professional at his craft-- being there for people who need a shot of humanity.

In his first historical fiction novel, A Shot of Oakies, Alex Bennett takes us on a journey through the history of whiskey.  Its a trilogy and as soon as he finished the first, he began the next.

No matter what you want to create in this world you must take action.  It is fun to share Alex's story and his thoughts around publishing his first book.  



Philip W Magness, Economic Historian

October 2, 2023

"You start seeing what looked like a coordinated attack."  

--Phil W. Magness

Data Analysis is important.  Data Analysis in a vacuum is dangerous.  Phil Magness, Author & Economic Historian does extensive data analysis and uses it to explain economic and cultural events with the goal of achieving greater human freedoms.   

His data analysis lends significant credibility as he sets the record straight on inaccurate distortions of history.  His book, The 1619 Project, A Critique is a vivd example of the work he does.  Historically inaccurate depictions occur and using prefabricated language to assuage or intensify a point of view almost guarantees negative outcomes.  

We must begin to learn from our historical errors or commence to repeat them.  Humanity is more capable than that.  I appreciate the opportunity to share Phil's work.  Freedom is the outcome he seeks.



Education with Stan Saiz, Founder Green Gate Children's School

September 25, 2023

"I watched this child slowly lose that spark in her eye."

-- Stan Saiz, Founder Green Gate School

Education is fundamental to human development, cooperation and success.  Stan Saiz took action to create a place where kids can learn in the most human of ways; through play.

Play is adaptive learning.  School/Education in this country is controlled by a specific set of outcomes and when you look at those outcomes it is easy to conclude that our youth are NOT learning the way our country is teaching. 

Stan saw that through his own experiences.  And he concluded, "we are relying on others to tell us what to do and that creates dependency" not the autonomy each of us need to fully self-actualize.  

Education like life is an individual experience.  As we engage with our own development we will activate collaboration to improve this human experience. 




O'Shaughnessy Distillery Co-Founder Michael O'Shaughnessy & Master Distiller Brian Nation

September 18, 2023

"We thought we could do this and not just make it a hobby, so we started putting the pieces of the puzzle together."  --Michael O'Shaughnessy, Co-Founder

"It was one of the proudest days of my career when the first bottles of Keepers Heart were coming off that line and you know that it actually came from nothing..."  --Brian Nation, Master Distiller

It is a Family story.  It is an Irish story.  It is an American story.  O'Shaughnessy Distilling Co. is the maker of Keeper's Heart Irish+American whiskey-- and it's Award Winning!

The family knew they needed the best Distiller in the world.  So they created a relationship with Brian Nation, former Master Distiller of Irish Distillers (Jameson, Redbreast & Middleton to name a few) and they blended talents based in an aligned vision of culture, family and friendship.  This is the story of Keeper's Heart. 



Kansas Chamber Emerging Leaders, Entrepreneurship Panel

September 11, 2023

"What's the Through-Line."  -Robert Feeney, 

Kansas Chamber of Commerce invests in young leaders through the statewide Kansas Emerging Leaders program.  Engagement in leadership opportunities is critical for economic growth and continued creation of a Pro-Business environment. 

Along with Leadership Kansas, Kansas Emerging Leaders activates the talents of business people and exposes them to the opportunities, challenges and a path to take action.

Entrepreneurship is the antidote for economic and cultural stagnation.  Entrepreneurs take action and create value.  I am honored to host this conversation with four of Wichita's dynamic entrepreneurial Leaders: Manroj Sangha/, Jake Wayman/Orange Theory, Audra Dinell/TheThreadWLC & Robert Feeney/




Matt Wright, National Champion & PPA Tour Pickleball Star

September 5, 2023

It is the fastest growing sport in the World! Pickleball spawned from a backyard game to a Professional sport that is attracting the best talent in racket sports.  Matt Wright took his competitive drive from the tennis court to the pickle ball court and has competed at the highest level and won at the highest level since its inception. 

Matt's intellect has always helped him think in terms of where things are going, not where things are.  He is one of my favorite people to talk with about sports and challenging aspects of life.   



Marion County Record SEIZED with Sam MacRoberts Kansas Justice Institute

August 28, 2023

When the Marion County Record, a small town Newspaper, was raided and had computers, devices and records seized by the Police it caused world-wide attention on this small Kansas town and publication.  Our friend, Sam MacRoberts, Litigation Director for Kansas Justice Institute is the one I wanted to talk with.  Sam and KJI represent those who cannot represent themselves against government over reach.  KJI is not representing those in this case and they are representing the Constitution as Sam shares with us the severe problems with Government ignoring your 1st and 4th Amendment Rights. 



Dean Jargo, CEO Fair Market Health

August 21, 2023

"People treat that insurance card like a discount card.  It is NOT."

Dean Jargo, CEO Fair Market Health

When systems begin to fail we look for solutions so that the system can improve and continue to provide what it is designed to provide-- better outcomes.  We have not done that with the system of health care in the United States.  The system is failing and because of the control by the 2 biggest players (Federal Government and large Insurance Companies) we are not working to fix the system to create better outcomes for people.  

The system is broken.

Markets that are free provide solutions to broken systems.  Artificial control of the healthcare market by the 2 biggest players places controls that do not allow for solutions to occur and the result is patient care suffers.  

You can choose to control your healthcare.  The free market still exists.  Individuals need to be aware of the choices they have.

Fair Market Health was created to provide a basic function of markets and what should be a basic in any service-- How much does that cost and where can I get it?

You can take control of your healthcare and, in doing so, improve outcomes for yourself and others. 



Energy with Warren Martin, Kansas Strong

August 15, 2023

"Energy makes life better."  -Warren Martin, Executive Director

Energy is a requirement for humans to reach our full potential.  Our world needs reliable energy.  We need energy production to meet the growing demand of energy consumption.  All resources are necessary.  Artificial limitations restrictions on energy production coupled with artificial promotion of alternative energy methods is causing harm to humanity.  And, as it is with restrictive government mandates, those at the bottom of the socio-economic status suffer gravely.  We are a world in need of expanded energy production.



Dave Cunningham, Whiskey Shelf

August 7, 2023

"Think of us as the Tinder for Whiskey drinkers."

-Dave Cunningham, Founder Whiskey Shelf & Flint Hills Group

Dave is one of my favorite people in technology and software development.  He Founded Flint Hills Group to create custom software solutions for clients all over the world.  And this venture is his first consumer app and he is having so much fun with it.  The Whiskey community loves their product.  Dave made it even more fun by creating Whiskey Shelf and there are so many features that increase enjoyment of whiskey drinking and sharing.  



Emma Schlittenhardt-- Founder Hardt Studio/Net Zero Architects/Bocote Showroom

July 31, 2023

"Every time we work with a new client we ask them for their inspiration."

-Emma Schlittenhardt, Founder Hardt Studio

It is a good idea when starting a business to make sure it is something you are good at... and if it is also your passion, then nothing can hold you back.

Emma Schlittenhardt took her passion and built on it, pursuing an Architectural Degree, building businesses that compliment each other and collaborating with others to create beautiful Commercial and Residential experiences.  




Vote! with Lily Wu

July 28, 2023

"There are two things we can control, our effort and our attitude."

-Lily Wu, candidate for Wichita Mayor

The right to Vote is fundamental to the fabric of our democratic Republic.  It also shows a commitment to active citizenship.  Lily Wu talks with us about the importance of civic engagement and shares what she has learned talking with Wichitans during her campaign.  I am grateful for her resilience, positive attitude and commitment to listening to people so she can take informed action.




Jacob O'Connor NXTUS Capital Program Manager

July 24, 2023

"Wow, I am getting paid for this?  This is my job..."  -Jacob O'Connor

Discipline.  Hustle. Take Action.

Jacob's young career and life have been defined by his "willingness to start" and focussed high level of effort.

Wichita recruited him.  The Wichita entrepreneurial community supported him.  NXTUS identified his talent.  And now, together, they focus on Capital, Customers and Collaboration.





July 17, 2023

"Very foolish people think that professional wrestling is totally real."

-Eric Weinstein



Director Tony Mattivi, Kansas Bureau of Investigations

July 11, 2023

"I think it is crucially important for the criminal justice system to be transparent."  -Director Mattivi

Tony's courage to lead created his greatest opportunity for leadership. 

Tony Mattivi became the 13th Director of the KBI in 2023; appointed by Attorney General Kris Kobach.  It was a phenomenal appointment by our Attorney General.  The nature of our political system can lead to wonderful outcomes when the best people have the courage to participate and then contribute.

The State of Kansas is the example of great Leadership in criminal justice.  The State of Kansas faces significant threats from fentanyl to child trafficking -- Kansans need to know that we have the right team to face our biggest challenges.  

I am grateful to share this conversation with KBI Director Mattivi.

Now, "Go make a difference."






Alex Harb -- Founder/CEO Meddy's, RBS IT

July 4, 2023

"An apology email [to my Team] was the initiation to a culture of change..."  -Alex Harb

Entrepreneurs tell the story in the context of their business, their team, their customer, their unshakable belief in their mission.  And excuses rarely seep into the conversation-- for the best entrepreneurs.  

Alex Harb thinks within his sphere of influence:  what action does he need to take to give his people and organizations the best tools to succeed?

He answers that question with the "never ending conversation about the rules of the game."

Understanding how this Entrepreneur thinks and acts will give you inspiration to take action in your own life.



Pete Najera, CEO United Way of the Plains

June 26, 2023

"Not everyone knows how to turn a dollar into value for their cause." -Pete Najera

The United Way of the Plains is 100 years old.  This is an organization that has been effective removing barriers to help those who need a hand up with Basic Needs, Health, Education and Financial Stability.

Pete Najera applies leadership to this benevolent non-profit with a history of diverse positions in armed forces, government and for-profit private business. Improving opportunities for people means removing obstacles so people and organizations can pursue a solution. 

United Way of the Plains plays a crucial role in South Central Kansas.  Pete Najera continues to bring unique ideas and action so people can lead better lives and non-profits can earn greater access to those that need their services.



Sheriff Jeff Easter-- Fentanyl Crisis

June 19, 2023

" hit Wichita hard in 2022..." -Sheriff Easter

We have been battling drugs flooding into our country across the southern border for decades. The war on drugs persists and we are losing. The call to action today is much scarier. It’s not just about illicit drug use or recreational drug use. Fentanyl kills people. Fentanyl knows no boundaries. Fentanyl kills quick. It is poisoning people to death.  Drug cartels in Mexico are manufacturing millions and millions of pills to look just like common pharmaceutical drugs that we use every day. Even worse they manufacture pills that have pastel colors to look like skittles or like the vitamins that your children take.

Sheriff, Jeff Easter is facing this problem head on every day. And he needs our help. This is a much more evil and severe problem and we need all people to help with the solution. Sedgwick county has a number of great leaders that are working on this and we all need to do our part. I thank sheriff Easter for his time and attention, sharing with us how we can help.




Tyson Drummond, ZenRX

June 12, 2023

"Just because it is normal doesn't mean it is right." -- Tyson Drummond 

Tyson Drummond is an Accountant and that gave him a skill to begin his professional career.  Entrepreneurs often detect their interest not determine it.  Detecting that your interest is in improving human performance must be confusing at first to an Accountant whose job it is to get to one final answer.  

The human body is dynamic and we discover new ways to nourish it every day.  Tyson Drummond has spent years working on a supplement that can restore, improve, optimize our gut health.  Moon Sour is that elixir.  And along with getting your mind and body moving right, he has an approach to auditing your gut biome, meet you where you are at and then get to work on feeling your best.



Michael Austin, Economist

June 5, 2023

"Is it Choice or Control?"   - Michael Austin

Michael Austin is an Economist who uses logic, economics, history and thoughtful communication to help bring solutions to complex issues.  

People deserve to make choices in their own lives.  Educating a child is certainly a choice worth giving a parent.  Michael is spending a large part of his time and resources educating people on the Choices that should exist in education.  

"I don't know what you want but I want you to choose."

Give people the confidence to make their own choices.  This is the best way for our Society to improve while improving how we all relate to one another. 




Wichita Open with Dusty Buell & Roy Turner

May 30, 2023

"None of this is about me or Roy-- this is about our community."

-- Dusty Buell, Tournament Director

"These guys aren't just Professional Golfers, they are great guys."

-- Roy Turner, Wichita Open Hall of Fame


The Wichita Open is the best event on the Korn Ferry Tour, developmental tour for the PGA.

This is because of a number of factors: the Fans, Community involvement, Sponsors, Volunteers, patrons.  Every organization needs a Leader and the Leader of the Wichita Open for the last 20 years, Roy Turner, is the biggest reason for the success and momentum of the Wichita Open.  As Roy turned the Leadership over the Dusty Buell the momentum only grows.  Dusty Buell embraces everything Coach Roy has done and this is why the Wichita Open will continue to make a huge positive impact in Wichita, USA.  






Institutions & Individuals with our friend Dr. Dix

May 22, 2023

Institutions are an inevitable consequence of human civilization.  It is the work of individuals that created the institutions.  So shouldn't institutions be more important than the individuals?  What are the consequences of institutions who fail the individual because the institution puts itself ahead of the people it is designed to help? Now, individuals are fighting for the institution regardless of the negative outcomes the institution creates which might be deliberately faithless. And while it is true that institutions often refine and enlarge the public view, it is the role of the individual to question the ambition of the institution.  Ambition must be made to impede ambition so the institution does not abuse.

"..the causes of factions cannot be removed; and that relief is only to be sought in the means of controlling its effects."

-- James Madison, Federalist No. 10



Wendell Funk, President Wichita Independent Business Association

May 15, 2023

"Keep talking to people-- that's where you learn."  -Wendell Funk

The organization that Activates entrepreneurs and independent business people is WIBA.  Wichita, Kansas has a culture of entrepreneurship.  Wendell Funk and his team have made it their mission to be the connectors, the resource and the action for Entrepreneurs. 

And the best way for you to fill a void in your business is to engage with WIBA.  Every independent business and entrepreneur has multiple forces working against you so let WIBA be the force working for you.

A more robust entrepreneurial environment creates a more relatable and positive community where prosperity is the outcome.



Jimmy Vo & Cody Lonergan -- Odd Fellow Hall

May 8, 2023

"It's a Gathering Place." -- Jimmy Vo

"Not only are we doing things in the community, we are doing personal things."  -- Cody Lonergan

Bring together people who create.  Bring them together to gather all of their talents-- cook, sing, write, speak, live, laugh love.  This is Odd Fellow Hall.  Jimmy Vo and Cody Lonergran are bringing all of these talents and our community is the beneficiary.  And you never know what the Hall will bring.  So you need to show up every week and take a peak at Odd Fellow Hall. 



Max Emma, Founder/CEO BooxKeeping

May 1, 2023

"The moment we crossed the Boarder I realized I was responsible for my family." -- Max Emma, Founder

When your personal Independence Day is marked by the first day you started making your own money and not taking a paycheck from your employer-- you have unlocked the power of Entrepreneurship.  And what makes Max's personal Independence Day even more amazing is that he grew up in the Soviet Union.  Max and his family sought Independence, to live in a free Society and to work knowing you will be rewarded for your efforts.  

As the Founder and CEO of Booxkeeping, Max pursues independence for his Customers and his Franchisees because when you know your records are good your mind is free to create.

"You concentrate on running your business, we will concentrate on your financial records."  Max is an inspirational Entrepreneur and a #CoolBeanCounter. 



First Tee of Greater Wichita -- Trent Jones, Executive Director & Corey Novascone, Program Director

April 24, 2023

"We fundraise in our local community-- we have been successful reducing barriers by fundraising that way."  

-Trent Jones, Executive Director

First Tee provides opportunities for kids to play.  They are playing golf for sure but the opportunity for a kid, any kid, to engage with other kids in willful play is crucial to healthy development.  First Tee of Greater Wichita continues to privately raise funds so there are no barriers for kids to play.  

The campaign to expand opportunities to kids is underway.  The new Learning Center for First Tee Wichita will give kids a chance to learn and play, rain or shine.  

We can all participate in this through giving time or donating money.   Take a few more practice swings and then visit because we are up next on The First Tee. 



Lily Wu, Leader, All For Wichita

April 17, 2023

"I competed for a spot."  -- Lily Wu

Leadership takes courage in any aspect of life.  It is a selfless act.  And it gives us all a chance to positively affect one another-- a uniquely human attribute. 

Lily Wu is a Leader.  She is humble, she is resilient, she has a genuine curiosity and interest in the success of people.  She proves that every day.  

Her journey is a remarkable story. 

I have learned on my entrepreneurial journey that Attitude and Commitment are more important than anything else.  

Lily's Attitude makes you feel better about yourself, about life.   Her Commitment is undeniable and you learn that as you learn her story.

Her story is a remarkable journey. 

I am grateful to share this conversation and the courage of Lily Wu. 



John Rolfe, CEO Wichita Chamber of Commerce

April 10, 2023

"We can't be a crockpot in a microwave world."

-John Rolfe

Taking action is critical in life.  And the positive results add up quickly.  The Wichita Chamber of Commerce has a talented staff and a thriving membership because they help us take action.

John Rolfe is a significant reason why our community takes action and improves conditions for commerce to take place.  He is pursuing that agenda and publicly available to help move the agenda and that is what it takes from a leadership position.  That is leadership.  John thinks every day about pushing a thriving economy.  There are a lot of resources and they are best utilized when people lead others to make faithful investments in the community.  



Stacy Ward, Hopping Gnome

April 3, 2023

"There's lots of beer out there-- are people going drink this?"

-Stacy Ward, Hopping Gnome Brewing


Stacy Ward had a conversation with her husband Torrey Lattin and they made the decision to become entrepreneurs.  They immediately understood that to be successful they must embrace a division of labor-- Stacy ran the business and marketing and Torrey honed his technique to make the product the best it could be for their customers.  

The courage to start is as important as the courage to keep going every day.  Stacy and Torrey are people to emulate.  They make our community better.

And they are improving the opportunity for us to gather, communicate and learn from each other with their new Hopping Gnome Tap Room.  I am grateful for their leadership through action. 





Lance Minor, Director Kansas Family Business Forum

March 27, 2023

"Successful Diplomacy hinges on Collaboration."

-- Lance Minor

The Kansas Family Business Forum has the leadership of a man who understands challenging situations and has the courage to meet them head on and pivot when necessary so business and the family can move forward, together.

We are grateful to have Lance Minor back on the after 5 years.  Lance pursued this role, leading KFBF and it is a resource entrepreneurs and Family Businesses cannot ignore.  Communication is crucial in business and an undeniable part of family business success. 



Chad Hessen, Tournerr Doors

March 21, 2023

"The only skillset you have may be to work hard-- and you still have to work hard."

If it is a cliche, it is because it is true.  No one possess more cliches than a successful entrepreneur.  Chad Hessen went to work as a young man and just kept after it (cliche).  Amazing things happen in your life when you grind through the tough times (cliche).  

Chad Hessen finds himself today as an owner/entrepreneur of a remarkable company, Tournerr Doors.  And as they say, the man at the top of the mountain did not fall there (cliche).  

Tournerr Doors is disrupting the market of Iron Doors and Pivot Doors.  They have taken something very complicated and continue to refine it through iterative processes.  

Working at it, one day at a time (you know) and Tournerr customers love it!



Robert Feeney, Chief Vision Officer,

March 14, 2023

Complex problems are best solved by intelligent, thoughtful people.  Changing human behavior so that we can fully unlock our potential individually and as a planet-- that's a hard problem.

Chief Vision Officer, Robert Feeney is an intelligent and thoughtful man with the tenacity and judgement to take on this problem.  Ringorang is his technology and it will optimize human behavior so we can continue taking on and solving human problems.  Humanity is the beneficiary.  



Thumb$core -- David Thorne, CEO with Dr. Siyu Wang

March 6, 2023

Use tools in your life to improve your life.  Sounds simple enough.  Tools of improvement today mean technology.  Put down the technology that is NOT making your life better and CHOOSE the technology that will make your life better. is the tool you need to start using.  Financial Stress is REAL and Thumbscore will help guide you no matter where you are in your financial process.  The science of behavioral economics is what drives Thumbscore so that is can drive you to make better decisions and to achieve your financial goals.  



Frank Sell, Founder-- Get Shit Done

February 27, 2023

"Sovereignty was the hook." -- Frank Sell, Jr.

When you have a great tagline that captures people immediately, that’s fantastic marketing. When that tagline actually has relevance in someone’s life that helps them in a positive way --like taking action-- it creates a Movement! (and the delicious coffee helps as well)

Frank Sell is undoubtedly a fantastic entrepreneur.  It is his intentional approach to life that helps you fill the void in your thinking.

I am grateful to share this conversation about a journey for peace and prosperity. 



Tommy Castor, VP Wichita Thunder, KFH Sports Daily and

February 20, 2023

When you make a profession out of the things you love-- enduring the challenge of wearing several hats every day-- you are leading with Entrepreneurship.

Tommy Castor admits, "I always wanted to own my own Radio Station.." and since that did not come to fruition, he thought he wasn't going to be an Entrepreneur.  And he was wrong.  Tommy took the attitude that "failing up" was possible.  The irony that this radio personality who "didn't want to be Programmed" is why he is able to make a career out of all of the things he loves.  

It was a joy to talk to Tommy.  Catch him on his podcast Keeper of the Games



Audra Dinell, Founder, The Thread

February 13, 2023

Audra Dinell had a vision to create a Women's Leadership development group at a very young age-- probably well before she had a deep understanding of the impact it could have.  And she wrote it down.  Her vision was on its way to becoming a reality.  

Audra started her 1st Cohort for the Thread, Women's Leadership Collective, 2 years ago.  The impact in the community is remarkable.  And as Audra says, "you have to ask yourself 'What do you want?' because what you focus on is what you will get."

Her "courage over fear, faith over doubt" is why The Thread is already expanding beyond Wichita, USA.  Audra has set the example for anyone to follow who wants to make their vision a reality. 



Manroj Sangha, Empowered Engineering,

February 6, 2023

"I wanted to build a platform to engage with the world the way I want to."   - Manroj Sangha

Be intentional with the idea you have or it could end up as a foolish endeavor-- wasting your time and the time of others.  This is the thought I had when I first met Manroj Sangha as it was clear that he was fully committed and focussed on his entrepreneurial journey.  A journey that led him to Found and operate Empowered, Opportunities Engineered.  Rarely do I get the chance to meet an entrepreneur in the throws of making their "side hustle" into their full time Life.  Manroj wasted no time. He is intentional. He is thoughtful. His commitment to his craft, customers and community are in every aspect of his work and in his personal family life.  He has inspired me. I am grateful to introduce Manroj Sangha to you.  




Kansas Amateur Champs Asher Whitaker '22 & Corey Novascone '96

January 30, 2023

On Winning/Success

"It shows that you are making an impact-- that your hard work is paying off."  -Asher Whitaker

The best Coaches are the ones that know how to communicate with the Player in a meaningful, mutual way and get out of the way giving credit to his players.  That is what 9X State Championship Coach Corey Novascone does.  And his player, 2X (because he has only had 2 shots at it thus far) State Champion and Youngest Kansas Amateur Champion since 1925, Asher Whitaker wants to be coached and knows the hard work is all up to him to execute.

Golf is incredibly entrepreneurial.  No one else can hit the shot.  It is up to you.  You live with your decisions-- good and bad-- and you live with the Glory-- often thanking everyone around you for supporting your individual effort.

This is a special conversation with 2 Kansas Amateur Champs and two people who are humbled by their success and possess the discipline to accomplish much more.  And they will.



Dr. Chris Majors, Shaping Up Medical Freedom

January 23, 2023

Dr. Chris Majors wants you to have more control over your health and deliver medical services at a lower cost.  This is a valiant effort.  Chris believes so strongly in this pursuit that he dedicates his professional life to it, for you.  Most professionals do not make a significant change in their lives in the middle of their career.  This is what makes Chris Majors so interesting and so powerful as a messenger for Medical Freedom.  

"Insurance is for risk.  We need to take control of our own healthcare."

Chris is a life-long learner and his curiosity towards seeking better solutions drives him.  And we need this kind of leadership because Chris admits, "I cannot tell you how complex this issues are..."




Brett Harris, KanniBliss, Entrepreneur, Hemp Advocate

January 20, 2023

"I want to be a voice to educate people who want to get into this industry."

Brett Harris is dynamic.  And we need dynamic leadership in life-- especially where a message must be accurately communicated.  Brett has represented the real estate side of the hemp business and through that journey he has become the voice in Kansas for practical hemp legislation.  Kansas lags in this and it is putting us at a disadvantage to other State that have sound policy around the hemp industry.  States are benefiting from the relationship between the hemp industry and the additional revenue collected--allowing States to elevate services for its citizens as a result.  It takes courage to be an entrepreneur.  It takes further courage to take a stand supporting Free Market policies.  Thank you for your courage Brett.

HempFest is Saturday January 28th in downtown Wichita.  Participate, educate yourself and increase your ability to live a calm healthy life. 



Shelley Prichard CEO Wichita Foundation

January 16, 2023

Shelly Prichard advances opportunities by asking the difficult questions, collaborating with stakeholders and working-- working every day to communicate solutions.  The Wichita Foundation, with Shelly as the CEO, has sparked community engagement and that leads to community improvement.  This is leadership.  Shelly is one of the most entrepreneurial Leaders-- and she Leads by taking Action.  I am grateful to share our conversation. 



Matt Magnusson, iCryo Owner & Ultra-Marathoner

December 19, 2022

"People asked me 'what was your secret?' And the secret was, I wanted it bad enough."

You want to be impressed?  You want to be inspired?

Talk with a person who overcame, accomplished the goal and lives every day with intention-- continually improving.  Discipline isn't temporary.  It is every day.  You should always celebrate your wins.  If you are not trying to improve, you are slipping into the warm comfort of gooey mediocrity-- and that's a shame.  Once you are on that road to incremental improvement (every day) the sinful departure from that so you can return to the "comfort" of a less disciplined, less enlightened, less powerful version of yourself is indeed tragic.  Matt told me, "you can't coast uphill" and life is uphill.  So prepare yourself.  "It is a continual grind from cradle to grave."  

I am grateful Matt Magnusson decided to forge the path and be the example of self-discipline.  And, if you do not already know him, you will be too.  



Ryan Baty, Entrepreneur, Leader, County Commissioner elect

December 12, 2022

"We are going to set a GOLD Standard for how we deal with Mental Health, nationally." --Ryan Baty

You can study leadership, view it as transactional, follow blindly or ignore it altogether for hopes that people will just leave you alone.  There are significant consequences to all of those.  

How does a leader become Transformational? 

Transformational leaders gain buy-in and commitment by encouraging, inspiring, and caring for their followers towards a vision. Leaders get results by transforming the environment and relationships.  And this leadership style requires empathy, courage, experience and taking action.  Its hard.  Its rare. There are few examples of this in the environment we live in today.

Not to put further pressure on Mr. Ryan Baty, recently elected County Commissioner, but (yes the dreaded conjunction) I believe he is a Transformational Leader.  My evidence is all in the actions he takes, his perseverance and the life he leads as a Father, a Pastor, a Coach, an Entrepreneur, a Leader, a Listener and a man of Action.  




Jennifer Ray, Founder The Monarch

December 5, 2022

"We have to have a thriving economy... and part of that is investing in the community."

Congratulations on 10 years, Monarch! Congratulations to Jennifer Ray and her wonderful team of people who make the Monarch the special place that it is.  And congratulations on not giving up despite the serious challenges that face entrepreneurs and businesses; finding an audience, managing labor, limited kitchen space, forced shut downs, a pandemic, supply-chain, recession.

Jennifer Ray created the Monarch and its culture out of her soul.  She has made The Monarch part of the Wichita community because she works at it, in it and on it every day!  Jennifer said it herself "blissful ignorance is a privilege."  People who do difficult things at the highest level do not have this privilege.  They are aware of those challenges and succeed despite the forces pressing down upon them daily.  Jennifer's resilience, work ethic and unique ability to create and multiply culture is why we all enjoy The Monarch. 



Brad Elliott, CEO Equity Bank

November 28, 2022

"Its not that [they] have a lot to lose... they don't know how much they have to gain."

Leadership matter.  It sets the tone.  And leadership can give people the best opportunity to succeed when the Leader has principle centered values.  Brad Elliott has led Equity Bank from 19 people to over 800 people and from assets of 30 million to more than 4 Billion-- he leads with principle centered values.  He says regularly, "the right thing to do is the right thing to do" and he lives those words.  

We are grateful for his time on the ictpodcast.  We talk about the economy, recession, entrepreneurship and why hard work remains the difference in the success of any aspect of life. 



Sam MacRoberts, Kansas Justice Institute

November 21, 2022

"We are not sitting around thinking of esoteric things [to defend], these are real!"    -- Sam MacRoberts

Sam MacRoberts is doing the hard work of helping you understand  why you are ABLE to do things you want to do.  Sam and the Kansas Justice Institute defend people against the government when the government intrudes on your Constitutional rights.  The government is large and it is getting larger.  The people who are the most susceptible are those in with the least amount of means.  You want to start a business because you have and idea or a product or service.  It represents the best way for any of us to improve our socio-economic status.  When you are met with a wall of paperwork and complicated bureaucracies that dissuade you (at best) or stop you in your tracks, your opportunity can be taken before you even start.  The Kansas Justice Institute exists to defend us against government overreach on your Constitutional rights.  We are grateful that they will litigate for liberty.  



Monday Morning Mid-Terming with Dr. Dix

November 14, 2022

The Most important Election! (since the last election)

We learned some things about people in these mid-terms.  And it's not what is being screamed about in the headlines and in other legacy media outlets-- it's much more sublte.  We hope you enjoy our version of nonsense around the chaos.  We also want you to seek out knowledge so you can understand the issues of the day.  It's messy because people are messy.  Policy made in haste is a waste and it sets us all back.  Where we find common ground, we have a chance, A CHANCE, at common sense.  



Conni Mansaw, CEO CM Consulting

November 7, 2022

Leadership is not reserved for a particular kind of human being.  Leadership is for anyone who wants to make life better for others-- without motives.  That is why the simplest definition I have heard for Leadership is: Leadership is love.  Leadership is also a discipline. We often learn love and leadership from those who have lived longer and experienced more.  This is why I was so excited to talk with Conni Mansaw.  She spent much of her career studying gerontology and working with the aging.  Well, I guess we are all aging.  Conni started CM Consulting knowing that her experience and unique abilities can help teams and individuals "find their voice" and become better leaders.  We all can become better leaders and I appreciate Conni's attention to the growth and development of people through CM Consulting. 



Cary Cozby, PGA Director of Golf Southern Hills Country Club

October 31, 2022

The game of golf attracts people from all different backgrounds.  How you were introduced to the game is almost as special as how you play the game.  Cary Cozby was introduced to the game by his father-- one of the more special bonds that can exist between a father and son.  

Golf is a game and the game itself requires dedication and work if you want to succeed at the top.  More importantly golf parallels life and if you want to succeed at the top of life it takes work and dedication.  The lessons learned on the golf course transcend the game.  Cary has lived a life of positive and inspiring leadership channeled through this great game.  Seeing the best, the champions that play and the sacrifices they must make to win, shapes the way you lead  your life.  Golf also shapes people to be better people and that takes the same hard work, dedication, sacrifice-- and that leaves the world a better place.  I am grateful for the lessons learned and on display in our conversation with a dynamic, thoughtful and kind leader, Mr. Cary Cozby. 



Dr. Christy Sutton, Applied Kinesiology, Genetic Detoxification

October 24, 2022

Its hard work to function properly-- hard work that is worth every minute of the pursuit.  Dr. Christy Sutton has spent her professional life in the middle of that pursuit.  She wrote a book, Genetic Testing: Defining Your Path To A Personalized Health Plan.  And just the pursuit of researching and completing the book demonstrates her commitment.  When you talk with her, you deeply understand the reasons she wants you to better understand your body so you can optimize your health.  



A Thank You To All Our Amazing Guests

October 17, 2022

People who do difficult things at the highest level have a positive influence on the world.  This life is full of difficulties and we have the tools to work through them.  When we do not have the tools, we have others to help.  I am grateful for the conversations we have on the ictpodcast.  These are amazing people.  Let's keep making great connections and doing difficult things at the highest level-- like taking the risk, committing to your unique ability or simply sharing love.   Humanity is the beneficiary.  Make it a great one.



Dalton Glasscock,

October 10, 2022

Leadership can do amazing things-- it can inspire others to lead, take action and the results are exponential improvement!  Leadership can also divide.  One of the brightest young leaders I have gotten to know is Dalton Glasscock.  He has experience in levels of leadership ranging from local to international.  That experience shapes you.  It has shaped Dalton.  He is entrepreneurial and thoughtful and that makes him a leader we should embrace. 



Jacob Christian, & The NFT Gaming podcast

October 3, 2022

"You are never the 'only one' when you are an entrepreneur."

Curiosity remains one of the most valuable tools in life.  Curiosity coupled with determination and follow through-- now we are talking about success.  Jacob Christian became an entrepreneur because of his incessant curiosity and the consistent follow through.  Jacob studied entrepreneurship, received the coveted Jabara Scholarship at Wichita State University, became a founder and his entrepreneurial life began.  His creativity and curiosity are now focussed on a new startup, (to reveal). The cutting edge of technology, culture, currencies and the future of gaming is  the life Jacob has designed.  He shares with us what digital value is and how you can participate and contribute in creating digital value of your own.



James Williams, Black Hills Energy & founder StartUp Week Wichita

September 21, 2022

James Williams came back to Wichita USA because he knows the resources, the talent, the culture and the people are here to create a successful, meaningful life.  

We get to talk about energy and the importance of all sources of energy in order to continue to create better lives for all people. James works with Black Hills Energy and Black Hills supports the energy needs of many customers in the middle of the country.

When James came to Wichita he created  StartUp Week. StartUp Week gives all of us a chance to connect with founders and entrepreneurs and all of the resources here supporting your ideas and the implementation of your innovative solutions.  



Austen Cohlmia,

September 19, 2022 is really all that needs to be said.  This is a great entrepreneurial story.  This is a great Family story.  This is a great story about innovation and bringing choices to the marketplace.

Austen Cohlmia brings a unique perspective and a strong work ethic to a Family business.  That strong division of labor is why they have been able enter the market with an innovative product with a focus on health and sustainability.  This is Strive.



Jenny Hardin, Author—Get Busy Living

September 12, 2022

“I’ve got to take responsibility for the part I control”

Anyone can diagnose the obvious. Life is not that black and white. We are complex. Life is complex. We would all be better served being empathetic not because it makes you a benevolent human but because nuance is a difficult input for which to account.

Jenny’s book and her experiences bring value to those of us working at this thing we call Life.  So keep working at it and involve people in this process— each in their proper role.  



Ashley Moore-Labus & Samantha Lucciarini— Entrepreneurs with Gratitude

September 5, 2022

Business can be tough. Entrepreneurship is tough.  Those who succeed, persevere and always have gratitude.  It is a joy to talk with Ashley Moore and Samantha Lucciarini together because they are living, daily examples of doing the work and accepting the results no matter how they come— that is gratitude.  A lot of important words apply to these women: courage, discipline, commitment, vulnerability, gratitude and love.  Enjoy this conversation and find people like these two women to bring into your life. 



FlagshipKansas.TECH Executive Director Ashley Scheideman with Board Chair Luis Rodriguez & Chair of Awarness Megan Harper

August 29, 2022

Yes I love technology, but not as much as you, you see… and thank you Kip for the lead in because technology is more important to engage with more now than ever because it is in EVERYTHING we do.  As one of our guests pointed out, technology just 10 years ago was trying to figure out what wire plugs into what port so we can get our printer networked with more than one computer.  Today you are not searching ports and plug ins you are seeking dynamic tech that is giving us feedback at a rapid rate and we are trying to respond (more like REACT) to it.  It’s moving fast and only getting faster.  Flagship Kansas is the organization bringing people together so that the technology we use and the companies that create it don’t end up in a vortex of ones and zeros and further pushing out humanity— Flagship Kansas celebrates the human aspect of technology and they bring incredible leaders together so that you can still love technology and be apart of the human experiment that uses and improves with technology.  The State of Kansas is at the forefront of connecting people, entrepreneurs and institutions with technology and we want others to participate.  Engage with FLAGSHIPKANSAS.TECH 



Functional Life with, Ashley Herring ZenRX & Dr. Patrick Garrett

August 22, 2022

“We (the US) are the best at creating 100% disease rates”

-Dr. Patrick Garrett, Genomic Wellness of Beverly Hills

”It’s not ‘cheap’ to see me but its cheaper than sickness!”

-Ashley Herring, ZenRX


Before any of us can accomplish anything in life we need to function.  And I am certain that the majority of us are not functioning as well as our bodies, minds and spirits can.  This takes education and a willingness to modify your behaviors and it is a lifelong journey.  I am grateful for these two thoughtful people who have dedicated their lives to transforming the lives of the people who are ready to function better. 



Andrew Garvey, Author

August 15, 2022

"It's not what you know, it's how you know it."

One of the most important things in life is clear thinking.  Our friend Andrew Garvey has lived his life with curiosity and deep thought and by his own admission that is not about clear thinking-- that is about living life experiences.  And when you have LIVED and your journey has filled your heart and mind, the time comes to BE.  Andrew talks with us about his journey to find the meaning of life.  The journey continues accept he has become content with the experiences and shares why his clear thinking is bringing him more joy now than any of the remarkable experiences he lived that brought him to where he is today.  And we are glad he is here.  And I highly recommend his SciFi novel Mind Control Empire available now. 



Americans For Prosperity-- Elizabeth Patton & John Luth

August 8, 2022

Solving real problems cannot be done with a Top/Down strategy.  You can manage problems Top/Down but you do not solve anything.  Problem solving requires people relating to one another so the very thick layer of Irrational-Ego-Fear-Ignorance that befalls each of us is trimmed away through dialogue.  

Americans For Prosperity seeks to educate people through a grassroots campaign— relating to people and the issues of the day face to face.   AFP has proven that grassroots efforts create sustainable agreement.  As culture swirls like water in a river, relating to people gives citizens of the United States continued opportunity to impress Principals into the issues that materialize.  Elizabeth Patton, State Director, Americans For Prosperity, shares with us why their grassroots efforts are successful in preserving Freedom in communities all across the United States.  Civility is key to the development of ideas and  Deputy Director John Luth exemplifies that in this conversation.  We can advance Prosperity one conversation at a time.  



Jason Toevs, Founder /Entrepreneur/Cryptotician

August 1, 2022

“I wish I had known about Entrepreneurship earlier.”

The reason a Founder is so incredibly unique and incredibly difficult to be is because it’s more than just the idea that you must pursue. You create the culture, you create the pathway, you create the Team and you are the one who must keep things going when everyone else thinks it’s over.  A Founder has to be incredibly thoughtful, persistent and think at a level that most of us just can’t. Jason Toevs is a Founder. And he is incredibly thoughtful. Jason studied mathematics and you will find his ability to solve big problems remarkable.  Jason has started several successful companies and is now spending time diving into crypto because as he says “it solves a convenience problem” for us.

Listen to Jason’s podcast The NFT Gaming Podcast and

I am very grateful to bring this conversation with this entrepreneur this founder Mr. Jason Toevs.



Dr. Randy Mijares, MD Symbio Medicine

July 25, 2022

“With opportunity comes obligation…”

I am grateful.  I have incredible people in my life.  And one of those incredible people is Dr. Randy Mijares.  Randy’s perspective on life is shaped by his experiences and his awareness of the opportunities he has been given and that those opportunities require you to take action every day.  He is a Medical Doctor, a Coach, Author, Entrepreneur— his greatest attribute is his sincere attention to the people he invites into his life.  Show your gratitude for those in your life by being a positive influence in every day interactions. 




Sgt. David Thomas (Ret.)- Sniper, 82nd Airborne, Blackwater, Expert in Personal Security Detail

July 18, 2022

“When you stop, that’s when you die”

We talk to people who do difficult things at the highest level. Today we talk to a man who has done very dangerous things at the highest level all in the name of defending the freedoms that we have in the United States of America. Sergeant David Thomas (retired) spent a career in service to our country because he felt the calling to do so. But it’s the things he did voluntarily, after his service was over, that have a tremendous impact on the way we live our lives and the freedoms that we enjoy. This man has done difficult things at the highest level. David is an expert in many areas that protect people from very dangerous things. Make no mistake about it— this is a dangerous world. We need people with incredible capabilities, bravery, courage, and the honor and intelligence to protect us. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to talk to this man and share with you what he has done and the things he pursues now, helping his clients with Security and proactive engagement.  



Vote. It’s really important. With our friend Tony Mattivi

July 11, 2022

“We need the right person for the job.”

Entrepreneurs know this better than anyone and it is critical that you do not make the wrong hire.  It costs time, money, productivity and advancement of the cause.  True Free-Enterprise embraces this as fact.  When you don’t, there are consequences.  Let’s apply that standard to elections— especially State and Local.  Primaries are coming up the first Tuesday in August all across this nation.  Name recognition is not a good barometer for finding the “right person for the job.”  The right credentials are the answer and we need people with experience, intelligence and good judgement.  And we can apply this to a job that needs to be filled in Kansas— the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Attorney General.  Our friend Tony Mattivi is the right person for the job because he has the best credentials.  And this job, like all jobs, must be filled with the BEST candidate.  Make sure and VOTE.  



Ashley Herring,

July 5, 2022

People who do difficult things at the highest level are often the most thoughtful and confidently patient in their pursuits.  Ashley Herring has a deep commitment to the difficult things she does every day— working with clients on living the most positive functioning lives that they can.  It is an individual pursuit and Ashley’s work gives people incremental improvement, which is the most sustainable.  She is an intelligent and caring human being and we are grateful to share what she does with you.  



Chris Callen, Founder/CEO PLOT

June 27, 2022

Chris Callen has the courage to be a Founder.  Take an idea and make it live.  This is what Entrepreneurs do.  Chris also has the courage to get out of the way so that his idea can live.  His honesty about the things that he did, the mistakes that he has made, the failures he has lived, writes the story of an entrepreneur who will succeed.  All of his experience has given him a wisdom and an adaptability.  PLOT is his company.  And Chris is focussed on delivery the best solution for his customers as PLOT is the technology that improves communication and processes for the Construction Industry.  I am thankful to share this conversation with Chris Callen.  



Jason McKenney, Owner/Founder The Board Awakens

June 20, 2022

Entrepreneurs will get to their goal, eventually.  Jason McKenney began his 20 years after banging his head against the Corporate world and its Hierarchical approach.  He made the leap, listened when he asked himself “Is it in my heart?” and dropped in on free enterprise with his Skatepark and Outfitter— The Board Awakens!  

Nothing in this life is going to be easy so you might as well pursue a market that makes you smile inside because “if you try it, they cheer!”  We are cheering for Jason and grateful to talk.



Free Markets with our friend Dr. Dix

June 10, 2022

Markets are better when they remain free. Trouble is, human nature gets in the way— or shall I say human EGO.  The need to control should be tempered by the need to cooperate.  And the best cooperation is free exchange of goods, services, ideas, love and attention to the well being of others.  We are grateful that the incomparable Dr. Dix is here to talk about why Free Markets help us achieve our best lives. 



Greg Geifer, Chief Sales Officer, Dynamic Athletic Research Institute DARI Motion

June 6, 2022

When a product is great you work tirelessly to bring it to market.  DARI Motion is a technology that can change the way we all think about how you move and the result is an optimal life.  If you cannot move, life is very difficult.  If you cannot move properly, you may not even know it.  Our bodies are not meant to be in pain so if you experience chronic pain there is a high probability that you something in your body is not moving the way it should.  DARI Motion will scan you and tell you what is wrong and now you can put a plan together to fix it.  Preventative maintenance— you can optimize your movement and improve your life. This is Dynamic Athletic Research Institute— DARI Motion.



Roy Turner, Director Wichita Open and Dr. Brian Pate, Chair Pediatrics KU Med

May 31, 2022

Fore!  Now of the tee Coach Roy Turner, Director Wichita Open and Dr. Brian Pate, Chair of Pediatrics for KU Med.  Gentlemen, play well.  They play well— not on the golf curse— but in the Greater Wichita Community and they are working hard on their game every day.  The benefit, the Greater Wichita Community and children who need resources to live better/healthier lives.  The partnership between the Wichita Open and Pediatrics at KU Med is inspiring.  And these gentlemen are phenomenal leaders for the causes.  Millions of dollars are circulated throughout the community because of this incredibly popular Korn Ferry Tour PGA Golf Tournament.  It is clear that the special relationship between Roy and Brian is a big reason why this event has such a positive, lasting affect on the people of this community.  I am so grateful they have come back on the ictpodcast to share all they do and tee up the reasons why YOU need to head out to the Wichita Open at Crestview Country Club June 13-19 2022.  The Show is Fantastic.  The number of beneficiaries are remarkable. 



Brett Harris, Entrepreneur, KannaBliss

May 23, 2022

Brett Harris spent nearly 30 years in the communications business.  The skills he developed as Radio and TV personality have been crucial to his shift into real estate and cannabinoids.  It requires a master communicator when talking with people about optimizing their health.  The Cannabis world is confusing.  Harris has helped CBD entrepreneurs all over the United States secure retail space and educating Real Estate owners on why it is a beneficial product for all.  Like anything in life that you are going to put into your body— study it.  CBD has incredible benefits primarily in the reduction of inflammation.  Most Americans are inflamed and Brett Harris is here to explain why CBD deserves to potentially be part of your daily therapy, once you see how it can work.  His latest stores, KannaBliss are a comfortable and professional retail experience for people who already supplement their lives with CBD and for those who know they would like to try therapies to make their bodies function well long-term, without having devastating side affects many prescription drugs carry.  Your body is your most important asset.  Let Brett and educate you on the potential benefits of his natural, KANSAS GROWN products.  



Heath Bechler & Kay Wentworth, Mirror Inc.

May 16, 2022

Addiction affects everybody.  Our brains are wired for survival and that means we use coping mechanisms.  Addiction can result when we do not know how to cope properly.  The antidote is human connection.  It’s hard to connect when reeling in addiction. Mirror Inc. Has been helping people improve connections for the last 50 years.  We are so grateful for the work they do.  Our mental health is primary.  Mirror is giving people their lives back— one interaction at a time.  There is hope.  Thank you Mirror for giving us hope.  




Commander Kirk Lippold, USN (Ret.) with Tony Mattivi, Kansas' next AG

May 9, 2022

Show me your friends and I will show you who you are.  Commander Kirk Lippold, United States Navy (Ret.) is a friend of our friend, Tony Mattivi.  Captain Lippold was the Commanding Officer of the USS Cole, the Destroyer that was bombed by Al Qaeda October 12, 2000.  Many believe it was the pre-curser to 9/11.  Commander Lippold and Tony Mattivi became friends as they worked together to bring the Terrorists who carried out this cowardly act, to Justice.  The Truth about Leadership is it exposes who you really are when you answer the call.  And Tony Mattivi and Kirk Lippold answered.  We use words like courage, honor and integrity as labels but these are not labels— they are the elements swarming frenetically inside of heroes as they evaluate the situation and give us cues to the next right step.  We want that Leadership in our lives. We need that Leadership in our lives.  And it is my honor to share this conversation with Commander Kirk Lippold and the next Attorney General of Kansas, Mr. Tony Mattivi.    



Ryan Baty, CEO, Coach, Entrepreneur, Pastor, Leader.

May 2, 2022

The best leaders have a willingness to share their vulnerabilities.  And when successful people lead with humility, those of us that are paying attention can learn and apply the lesson immediately.  Ryan Baty approaches his life with an awareness that we need each other to succeed.  That is what community is.  With a strong set of principled centered values one can live a life of service.  I am grateful to share the strength and open-mindedness of this Leader, Ryan Baty. 



Dean Jargo, CEO Fair Market Health

April 25, 2022

When markets are free, markets become more fair.  When people feel the deal was fair, the consequences are an improvement to human welfare.  Fair Market Health provides the service of transparency between you the patient and the medical service you need.

It is the ultimate freedom; engage in trade between a willing buyer and a willing seller for a service.  And this is what Fair Market Health has done by creating a network of Providers for health care  and the price they charge for the service they will perform.  The winner in this equation is both parties.  How often do you have a medical service performed that results in a long series of billing from the Insurance Company, a medical billing company, the Doctor’s Practice and at least one or two Third Party arbiters?  All of this confusion promotes suspicion, “did I get a good deal?”  And as the correspondence continues months after you might ask yourself “what am I actually paying for?”  Certainty in a fair trade between two parties for a service is optimal because it creates a win/win and the confidence that markets are securing the best Services and the best Outcomes.    



Tony Mattivi, Former Federal Prosecutor

April 18, 2022

"Litigation is serious business."  

Leading your life as a prosecutor for the Federal Government is also series business.  You can say you did something with honor and integrity but we would rather see you do it with Honor and Integrity.  And that's what Tony did; for nearly 30 years he represented our country by enforcing laws and seeking accountability and punishment against criminals who wanted to (and often did) harm the United States.  It is serious business.  Tony's experience and character are on display in our conversation.  I am grateful to share this conversation so you can begin to understand how he thinks and acts.  Our country, our State, our community need people who possess good judgement so they can lead because our Freedom is serious business.   



Adam Rosen, Entrepreneur/Founder Email Outreach Company

April 11, 2022

“Very few Entrepreneurs start a company with bad intentions.” Adam Rosen has lived his life in a principled manner and that bodes well for entrepreneurs.  Founders of companies weave principles into the outcomes because it is that personal.  Witnessing the evolution of a company that maintains the principles of the Founders likely means that the Founders stay involved. Adam shares his perspectives on why entrepreneurs should stay active in the outcomes so your seeded intentions are cultivated and grown.  Visit his latest solution at



Wendell Funk, President Wichita Independent Business Association

April 4, 2022

Your ability to connect with good information is critical, especially in the world we live in today.  Entrepreneurs and Business-people require access to good information including business fundamentals.  There are more than 30 million small business owners in the United States with that group representing almost 65% of new private sector jobs.  Its important to have an ally.  The Wichita Independent Business Association is that ally for South Central Kansas Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.  Wendell Funk, President of WIBA, went on offense to connect with this group so we can collaborate, be better leaders and lift access and opportunity for all through the best private solution in history-- Private Enterprise. 



Vanessa Whiteside, Author/Content Creator

March 28, 2022

Vanessa wrote a BOOK!  100 Things To Do In Wichita Before You Die and you can pre-order it at

Vanessa Whiteside is one of those people that you want to hand over the responsibility of your next intentional leisure activity-- let her curate the experience for you.  And she has already done that in her blog

When you are busy, as we all seem to be, it is easy to lose track of what is going on and that means you are not participating in this world.  Vanessa wants to remove the excuses and get you out there experiencing this world.  We are so grateful to share her delightful demeanor and talent on the



Truth or Consequences with Dr. Dix

March 21, 2022

“Tell the truth or the consequences will be worse!” Said any Leader in my life from the very beginning.  I trusted the Leaders in my life as a boy.  I knew they were looking out for my best interests.  And as an adult we should possess that same trust— but we don’t.  We have found out too many times that bad leaders act in self interest and will say whatever needs to be said to fit their Agenda, without Consequence to them and with awful consequences for the American People.  And so my friend Dr. Dix comes back on the to discuss this place we are in and how each of us can thrive, despite confusion and pathetic leadership.  Here is a hint— Individual Responsibility.  



Kyle Shook, Entrepreneur/Owner Andover Tutoring Scene

March 11, 2022

Kyle is an entrepreneur.  I know that not because of the business he owns and runs or because of the multitude of things he does that are difficult things or the discipline he has to continue to excel at those difficult things; it’s because his Dad owns a business and instead of working for him and perhaps taking that business over one day— he just started his own business.  That is a sense of urgency.  That’s what an entrepreneur has.  



Tyler Stinson, Founder & Head Trainer, Evolution Fitness Studios

March 7, 2022

Tyler Stinson is a retired MMA fighter.  He had 40 professional fights-- and he won 30 of them.  He manufactured this career out of grit, determination and the will to perform at the highest level.  Wisdom is what Tyler gained; wisdom and perspective.  Now retired from the Fight Game, and still a young man, he uses all he has learned to help the rest of us— and we can greatly benefit from his Wisdom.  Tyler shares all this at Evolution Fitness Studios.  Work your body so that you can work your mind and improve your life.  You too can evolve and Evolution Fitness Studios is ready for your participation.



Elizabeth Farha, Midwest Billboards President & Founder

February 28, 2022

Attitude is everything.  It’s not cliche— it is the truth.  And if you don’t believe it just try living a life with the attitude of Elizabeth Farha and look how much better your life would be.  There are no certainties.  Do the work and accept the results, however they may come.  Elizabeth took (takes) risk and she is successful because she is talented, intelligent, focussed and possesses and attitude people want to be around.  Its a sign!! and we all benefit from following it.



Warren Martin, Executive Director, Kansas Strong

February 16, 2022

You need to understand the enormous amount of energy it takes in this country, in this world for all of us to live.  Energy need/consumption is a complicated issue.  All forms of energy are important today and into the future.  People need energy to improve their place in life.  Reliable, affordable energy is crucial for us all and especially for lower socio-economic status.  Kansas Strong was created to educate people about this and many other energy issues.  I am grateful for the work Warren Martin does.  He is communicating the importance of reliable energy for quality of life.  



Audra Dinell, Founder, The Thread

February 14, 2022

Embrace their ambition to lead— This is The Thread, Audran Dinell

Stephen Covey wrote, “Find your voice by helping others find theirs.”   Audra began her journey to create The Thread and this is exactly what she was doing— finding her voice by helping other dynamic women find their‘s. This is not to say that the wide range of incredibly talented women who weaved The Thread didn’t have a voice— they most certainly have strong voices. What Audra Dinell creates is an opportunity to open parts of your brain/heart so that others can help those ideas that we might be too scared, busy, unaware, unwilling, insecure, incapable to share. Running a business and being an entrepreneur is a difficult endeavor. The Thread presents a tremendous advantage to have strong, dynamic Women that you can trust around to shake out those ideas, be vulnerable and grow in every way. That’s what makes a difference in this world. 

Find, Refine and Share



Janice Perkins, Founder, Capacity

February 4, 2022

Do you have the Capacity to grow?  The answer is ubiquitously Yes.  Intentionally seek people and activities that help increase your Capacity.  Janice Perkins is that person you need in your life to help Coach you on increasing your Capacity.  Janice lives this.  The adversity in life gives us tremendous opportunity to increase Capacity and you better have the Tools to recognize and take action when adversity slaps you in there face.  



Dr. Brandon Alleman MD PhD, Antioch Medicine

January 31, 2022

There is nothing more important than your health.  So what does it mean to have Health Care?  Chances are a lot of you are reactive rather than proactive when it comes to keeping your body and your mind strong.  And it is my belief that our culture has promoted the population to be reactionary— get sick, go see a Doctor and hope you get better.  Dr. Brandon Alleman has a different approach.  Antioch Med offers you a chance to take charge of you health.  Be proactive and your life will improve.



Shelly Prichard, CEO Wichita Community Foundation

January 24, 2022

Actions speak louder than words.  Shelly Prichard has spent her career taking action.  And along the way she has made a major impact on people and our community.  On display is a unique ability to lead with humility and strength.  The Wichita Community Foundation has made incredible, generational impact on this community.  Shelly is at the heart of it.  I am so grateful to know her and I want more people to have the opportunity to grow by being within her sphere of influence. 



Emily Hurst, CEO Kansas Humane Society

January 17, 2022

The Kansas Humane Society is crucial to our community and our community is better because KHS does a phenomenal job.  And it takes a leader with the intelligence, heart, compassion and diligence to understand how to keep this living ecosystem thriving.  Emily Hurst is the new CEO and she takes the lead with these capabilities.  Her personal story is enough to make you get off your tush and take action.  Her attention to detail and work ethic are why the Kansas Humane Society will continue to improve  animals’ lives and all lives in our community. 



Tracy Hoover & Curt Gridley-- Founders, Groover Labs

January 10, 2022

Successful Tech Entrepreneurs Curt Gridley and Tracy Hoover created Groover and the accelerator is pressed firmly to the floor in the start-up tech/entrepreneurial space in Wichita, USA.  We want to compete as a community for the best and brightest people— Groover Labs is the conduit for collaboration and connections.  Tracy & Curt’s vision went through the proverbial pause as the world wrangled with a pandemic.  And like all successful entrepreneurs, they sought every solution to keep their vision alive— it is stronger and more focussed than ever.  Come experience the ever expanding knowledge base that is Groover Labs.



Wichita Brewing Company Jeremy Horn, Co-Founder & Cody Sherwood, Brewer

January 3, 2022

I like Breweries because they offer a case study in entrepreneurism-- it is a lot of work to deliver that delicious pint.  Jeremy Horn and his co-founder Greg Gifford chose to take action on their idea and allow their unique abilities to lead the way as they created every aspect of a start-up.  Create the brand, focus on the mission, build the team and then take it to market-- this is an entrepreneurial success story.  Wichita Brewing has several award winning beers and they have expanded organically as well as by purchasing recipes from other breweries that did not make it.  They focussed on culture and creativity and just kept doing it.  Jeremy and how Brewer, Cody Sherwood joined us for fantastic discussion along with a beer session with some of my favorite people with whom I enjoy sharing a pint.  Pouring some fun to start this New Year-- this is Wichita Brewing Company.



Seth Etter, Ad Hoc Managing Software Engineer

December 24, 2021

Seth Etter leads in the technology space with class.  His time and talents are making our community better and it is his intentional collaborative efforts that make him shine.  Take the example of DevICT— a community is better when cutting edge resources are involved in an economy so a group of Tech Developers (including Seth) created with a mission of “be better at what we do.”  If Wichita, USA was lagging in technology opportunities for people, the community would be behind.  But Wichita does have significant opportunities in technology.  I thank Seth for his leadership and applied intellect.  



Brad Elliott Chairman, CEO, Founder Equity Bank

December 17, 2021

Great leadership empowers others to use their unique abilities.  Building that team is a painstaking process.  Brad Elliott began his start-up with 19 people and the intention to grow a bank that is a true partner with it's customer.  Brad will be the first to tell you that success is about getting the right people.  With one 700 employees today, Equity Bank has grown into one of the most prolific lending institutions always looking to be the best partner for the customer.  We are grateful to talk with Brad again on the ictpodcast.   



Dustin Devries Co-Founder, CTO Caffeine Interactive Technologies

December 10, 2021

Tech Entrepreneurs and Software Developers are uniquely equipped to collaborate with literally ANY business and that makes them excellent for conversations.  Caffeine Interactive Technologies has collaborated with a lot of companies.  They build app, web and mobile solutions so companies can communicate what they do better.  Dustin DeVries founded the company with his wife Sharon and together have grown significantly to offer solutions to companies ranging from electrical grid transmission to Breweries.  I am grateful to share the energy Caffeine Interactive Technologies brings to business. 



Harvester Arts Kate Van SteenHuyse, CEO and Kristin Beal, COO

December 3, 2021

Harvester Arts is the conduit between artists and the tapestry that is Wichita.  They are literally enhancing the ability of all artists to share their voice (artistic talents) and we are the cultural beneficiaries.  Building the creative capacity for all artists in Greater Wichita is their mission.  Kate Van Steenhuyse and Kristin Beal are a dynamic team and together they create opportunity for Artists and a deep culture for our community as they cultivate creativity to enrich our lives. 



James Franko, President Kansas Policy Institute, Elizabeth Patton, Americans For Prosperity & Sam MacRoberts, Kansas Justice Institute

November 26, 2021

We have the opportunity to talk with remarkable people because of the ictpodcast.  This is the group, working tirelessly for you freedom and asking for nothing in return but your attention and participation/contribution to secure it.  James, Elizabeth and Sam are proactive in preservation of our freedoms.  The role of Government— what should it be?  We are grateful that they are making your freedom a priority. Wayne Bell, Director & Michael Aumack Economic Development

November 19, 2021

The Small Business Administration can help you, Entrepreneurs.  Life as an entrepreneur often feels like a lonely existence and sometimes it is.  The reality is there are advocates for business everywhere-- you just need to ask for help.  There is no better time to illustrate the opportunity for help through the SBA than out of this pandemic that turned all small business on its head.  Wayne Bell, Director of the SBA is here to share with you how he and Michael Aumack, Economic Development Specialist have helped businesses navigate one of the toughest environments in history and what the SBA can do for you as an entrepreneur.  And like my Father always says, you just have to A-S-K!



The Real Brad Lea, Founder & CEO LightspeedVT

November 12, 2021

Listen Up!  Meet the Real Brad Lea.  I am grateful I was introduced to him by a great friend.  When someone has the unique ability to capture an audience immediately, you just need to get out of his way and let him talk. Get inside his circle, his influence will change you for the better.  Read his book, THE HARD WAY.  Follow him on Twitter, IG, or just go to and ingest his authenticity— it will shake up your stagnant existence. I am pleased to bring you Brad Lea.



Mental Health Association of SCKS. Eric Litwiller, Director of Communications

November 8, 2021

"We must give more in order to get more.  It is the generous giving of ourselves that produces the generous harvest."  

-- Orison Swett Marden

We should always be thinking of giving as part of our lives and there is no better time to give than in this season of Thanks and Holidays.  We are grateful for those in our community that help match people who need with the people who can give.  Eric Litwiller shares just how the Mental Health Association leads in needs giving.



Dr. Patrick Garrett

October 29, 2021

I am so grateful for people with the intelligence, empathy, vulnerability and strength to study the really difficult issues then share them with the world.  Dr. Patrick Garrett is living this great experiment of seeking the best life you can and he is helping so many of us because he is intentional and caring with the results.  Not being tied to a position allows Dr. G to embrace the nuances of humanity and seek positive outcomes.  Enjoy this conversation— he is a treasure.  



Ron Paulseen Founder, Paulseen Financial Group & my Father

October 22, 2021

Ron grew up with love— his Mother instilling love with the daily reminder that “God gives us all talents and we must use them or they can be taken away” and his Father showing love through his daily actions in work ethic and integrity.  So he took those incredible inheritances and put the assets to work.  The results are an Abundant life.  High performers that live intentional lives of Abundance create much more than success for themselves— they create Freedom and Opportunity for everyone they encounter.  And I thank God for him every day. 



Michael Austin, former Chief Economist and candidate for Kansas State Treasurer

October 7, 2021

Michael is pragmatic and thoughtful— that is what I love to see in a leader-- he is also an economist.  Seeing the world through that lens creates opportunities for analytical perspectives leading to principled explanations for hard-to-solve problems.  Economists blend facts with human behaviors and that helps us understand where we have been and what we need to do to improve, moving forward.  Michael has wonderful, practical perspective and that makes him a dynamic leader.  Grateful to share his leadership intellect on the ictpodcast. 



Sam Foreman, founder, Foreman Law

October 1, 2021

Sam Foreman is a leader.  He leads with his actions.  And he is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent people I know.  Make it a point in your life to find people you respect and engage in a conversation.  Listen empathically and the results are reciprocal advancement.  We are grateful for this enlightened and nourishing conversation with Mr. Sam Foreman. 



Celebrate your Milestones with Chief Vision Officer, Robert Feeney

September 29, 2021

My father always tells me to enjoy the victories, no matter how small, and I know he is right.  Robert Feeney the Co-Founder of Ringorang by Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) comes back on the podcast because I love talking to him (and his Co-Founder BW Barkley— BW we will catch you on another convo) and Ringorang is celebrating some Milestones!  The work we do can be a grind and it is the grind that provides opportunities like this conversation. 



Dr. Joseph Galichia, Interventional Cardiologist and Founder, Galichia Medical Group

September 24, 2021

Dr. Galichia, a lifelong Kansan, is internationally recognized for the advancements and contributions he has made in the field of interventional cardiology.  Heart Disease is still the #1 killer in the United States and Dr. Galichia has made it his life’s work to give people the opportunity to live full lives by treating cardiac and vascular diseases.  His work included the mentoring of hundreds of Doctors around the world so that these life saving techniques could be taught and shared across the globe.  We are great full for his time to share his story on the ictpodcast. 



First Tee, Corey Novascone, Program Director

September 17, 2021

Golf is a great game for life; teaching character, focus, communication, glory, defeat and individual responsibility.  With all of those tremendous lessons to learn it makes sense to introduce kids to golf as early as possible.  And that is what the First Tee does— creates the opportunity for kids to participate.  When we participate we are better equipped to win in life.  Corey Novascone is leading the charge and proactively getting kids to win by getting them to the First Tee.  We thank Corey for his work and for this conversation 



Movies! with The Meat & Dr. Dix

September 10, 2021

This is just the most fun episode… talking with great friends about the movies we love.  Remember that life needs to be fun and inspiring.  Movies bring us so much laughter and perspective.  Enjoy.



Freedom with James Franko, President Kansas Policy Institute

September 3, 2021

Advocating for free markets and the protection of your personal liberties is a work ethic.  It is not to be taken for granted.  Freedom is not free is true —  it has also been relegated to a slogan or bumper sticker— weakening the strength of that simple but powerful statement.  Freedom is our god given right.  It is not controversial.  And when you think of it as a work ethic you take responsibility for the perpetuation of it every day.  Freedom.



Kylie Stupka, President Youth Entrepreneurs/Empowered

August 27, 2021

More important than being an entrepreneur-- teaching others the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.  And that is exactly what Kylie and her organization, Youth Entrepreneurs does; they give young people the tools to create and contribute to society entrepreneurially.  YE has been fostering individual responsibility and freedom through its programs since the early 1990's.  Today they are launching Empowered ( to breath entrepreneurial life into Educators and students. 



Sveta’s! Founder/Owner Sveta Yakubovich

August 20, 2021

Sveta grew up in communist Soviet Union. As the Soviet Union fell, her family wanted to come to America, Sveta went along because she had dreams of a better life for her and a better life for her future children.  It turns out that the freedom to choose has its advantages.  Sveta cam to the United States and took full advantage of the freedoms afforded to her.  She created a successful business, showing us all that when you work hard at something you can succeed, despite the fear of failure.  You don’t know how lucky your circumstances are until you compare them to something else.  I am so grateful to share Sveta’s perspective and story with you. 



Samantha Luciarini, Publisher BeLocal and Real Producers

August 13, 2021

Samantha comes back on the ictpdcast because we love talking with her and she has more entrepreneurial efforts to share.  She is the example of keeping at it in life because it is the only way you will detect and then utilize your unique abilities.  Samantha is Publishing 2 magazines now and they are successful because she connects people with her platform.  Activate your unique abilities and you'll have as much fun in life as Samantha Luciarini.



BLOCKCHAIN-- with Dave Cunningham, President Flint Hills Group

August 6, 2021

I'll bet you have a definition floating around in your head and I'll bet that its got some relevancy-- on the other hand, you are probably far off.  Blockchain is misunderstood.  So that is why we talk about it in definition and application with the President of Flint Hills Group, (a creator of awesome custom software) Dave Cunningham.   I make the case that Blockchain is simply a technology to improve trade.  Dave has a lot better perspective as we discuss how this technology is and will invade your life. 



Ringorang by Knowledge as a Service, Inc.-- CoFounders Robert Feeney and BW Barkley

July 26, 2021

They have service in their Company name and that is because they have service in their hearts.  The best entrepreneurs have a connection with their product far greater than profit.  BW Barkley & Robert Feeney created their business out of a mutual desire to improve human behavior.  Changing behavior for the better is a very difficult thing to do.  And these characters took what they learned from years in Hollywood about story telling and people and built Ringorang to give us all a chance to improve how our stories (our real lives) turn out.  



Clint Ayesh, Owner Crestview Wine and Spirits-- Liquor Industry in Kansas

July 23, 2021

Entrepreneurs have a way of seeing obstacles as temporary impediments rather than a crippling problem.  Said another way, they do not focus on hurdles, they adapt and move forward in spite of them.  And in no case is that greater represented than the liquor business.  Laws are draconian in the state of Kansas (or at least they were) and an entrepreneur in that industry must be alert because the rules are always changing-- often times to the detriment of their business.  Clint Ayesh has adapted over the last 20 years and his business thrives because of it.  



Roy Turner, Tournament Director, Wichita Open & Dr. Brian Pate Chair of Pediatrics Kansas University School. of Medicine

July 12, 2021

The measure of a strong community is in the ability to collaborate to increase capabilities and deliver a higher level of service for all.  The partnership between the Wichita Open and Kansas University School of Medicine Pediatrics exemplifies how private solutions impact the lives of a community.  The beneficiaries are the children and families in this Greater Wichita and that makes us all stronger. I am so grateful to share this conversation with the Coach, Roy Turner and Dr. Brian Pate.  Thank you gentlemen.  We are stronger because of you. 



Dr. Dix discusses Culture Wars

July 9, 2021

CULTURE WARS! This is most certainly an American conjured social construct and primarily a bunch of nonsense, but it sure is fun to talk about the affects culture has on us in this Awesome, wonderful, free country --that gives us all the opportunity to live and say the way we choose-- with Dr. Dix who is full of knowledge and interesting perspectives (yes I know this is a run on sentence).  Lets talk to one another, communicate and we can achieve beautiful things. 



Jacob Wayman, Orange Theory Wichita & Entrepreneurial Leader

June 23, 2021

I could tell from the first time I met Jacob that he would be a difference maker in the entrepreneurial community.  He has talked the talk and walked the walk— the most important of entrepreneurial traits.  And he has evolved and adapted to life as he presses to set higher goals and exceed expectations as he runs his own businesses and builds a family.  I enjoy this conversation with Jake Wayman. 



Andrew R Garvey, Author

June 18, 2021

Prolific writer, Traditionally Published Sci-Fi Author and a man with a curious nature who studies people and their relationship with this earth and then talks about it-- Andy is one of my favorite conversations.  And it reminds of a a passage in a Kerouac novel, "the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, desirous of everything at the same time..."



Don Cary, Entrepreneur

June 17, 2021

Don Cary, Ladies & Gentlemen, is a very interesting man and they say you must be interested to be interesting.  Don has an interest level in life, people and business of which I have rarely seen.  The businesses that he has created throughout his entrepreneurial career are not easy businesses with a low barrier to entry— they are hard businesses.  And Don does what the best entrepreneurs do, he has the vision, builds a team and is relentless in his pursuit. I am truly honored to share Don’s story. 




June 10, 2021

Think it through, analyze, prepare, consider… or just do?

Opportunities are great and there is a funny thing about them— if you don’t take them there is a high probability that they won’t come back.  Opportunity is in every one’s life every day.  Take the ones that you know you should (and perhaps some you shouldn’t). Clumsy or not, here I come.  Gonna find it and make it go. 



Brett Harris Your CBD Store,

May 25, 2021

Brett Harris instantly grabs your attention.  It’s possible that it is that charismatic garrulous voice that lures you in— courtesy of decades dominating FM radio.  I think its because he has done so many different things at the highest level and Brett delivers an authentic perspective.  His latest and greatest is the CBD business.  CBD has valuable properties and it has made lives better for millions of people.  Like any supplement, you need to educate yourself about the products so you can maximize the benefits.  Brett Harris is on the ictpodcast giving us exactly that education. 



Jennifer Strong McConachie, Author Go Far: How Endurance Sports Help You Win at Life

May 24, 2021

Challenge yourself so that the real challenges in life don’t derail your journey.  This is truth about people who do difficult things.  Author, Jennifer Strong McConachie invites this perspective in her new book Go Far: How Endurance Sports Help you win at Life.  Jennifer’s calm confidence is inspiring.  Her experiences teach.   And it is remarkable how your life starts to open up when you learn.  



Pickleball National Champions Lucy Kovalova & Matt Wright

May 17, 2021

PICKLEBALL.  This is the fastest growing sport in America.  You have heard of it and maybe you have even played it.  Today you get to listen to Pros who are at the pinnacle of this sport.  Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova are National Champions in mixed doubles 4x over and not showing any signs of stopping.  This is a great sport because you can play almost anywhere and at any level of skill.  Today we are with the Pros from and what a great conversation we had.



Ed Plopa, CPA

May 10, 2021

On October 2, 1970 the Wichita State Football team boarded 2 planes, the Black & the Gold, to go play Utah State.  The Black plane made it, the Gold plane crashed in the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver.  It is an American tragedy.  Ed Plopa was a Freshman on that team.  He was recruited from Pennsylvania to come play for the Shockers.  Ed was over-joyed to earn a scholarship to play football.  The plane crash happened.  Ed could have called it quits as a Shocker.  He persevered, fulfilled his scholarship and made Wichita his home.  His successful career and life after the crash is my honor to bring to you on the ictpodcast. 



Jason Cox, President Cox Machine

May 3, 2021

I ask myself regularly, why do I love conversations with interesting people?  And it seems like a rhetorical question-- because they are interesting!  Interesting people think differently which leads to unique dialogue because largely its novel.  But there is more to it; interesting people share their perspective, they do not shy away from displaying an attitude inconconsistent with social norms, and curiosity is constant.  Jason Cox is on the because he is always learning and willing to discuss the infinite possibilities that exist in life.  I find him fascinating. 



Tyler Stinson, Head Trainer & President Evolution Fitness

April 26, 2021

The fight game is tough.  Succeeding in the fight game is even tougher.  Tyler Stinson believed he could and he did.   Putting in the work and grinding out 40 professional fights over a 10 year period— your life evolves.  Tyler made his way back to Kansas when fighting was done and now he uses that wisdom to move people to a better life.  Whether it is your fitness or you want fight and compete— Tyler will help you evolve.  This is the Evolution. 



Mary Beth Jarvis, Executive Director

April 21, 2021

“Welcoming all startups to our doors!” She willingly permitted the audience to indulge in all things entrepreneurial.  And with that Mary Beth Jarvis got the attention of a community that has been blessed with the culture of entrepreneurs but lacked the cohesive messaging required to deliver, or scale.  NXTUS has done it right and they are poised to make this region the entrepreneurial hub.  It takes investment, an eco-system and ubiquitous buy-in to make “the startup” world an Asset Class.  This is the NXTUS!



Dave Cunningham, CEO Flint Hills Group

April 12, 2021

It is so much fun talking with entrepreneurs who became entrepreneurs when coding and writing software was in its infancy.  Dave Cunningham has a wonderful perspective on technology startup, innovation and entrepreneurship.  He has created a software company that procures local talent but also utilizes the opportunity to hire great talent for the right role from anywhere in the United States, with preference to the Kansas economy of course.  We are just getting started with conversations with Dave but we are excited the came on for this one to introduce Dave Cunningham and the Flint Hills Group



Chad Stafford, President Occidental Management

April 2, 2021

Are you challenged in Business?  You better be.  And you better respond to the challenge— that is the fun part.  Chad Stafford comes on the ictpodcast and talks about meeting the challenge.  As a regional real estate developer, they did not let the size and scope of competitors push them away from a huge opportunity.  Developers provide some of the best lessons as entrepreneurs because every deal is different and every deal has complex challenges.  Chad has the right perspective on meeting the challenge. 



Checks & Balances — and the talented Toni Todaro joins the conversation

March 23, 2021

Being responsible, doing the right thing for you so you can do the right thing in society, contributing individually— all great things and they all work better when a set of checks and balances are in place to handle the massive amounts of gray that exist in society. 



Jada Shiya, Chef & Jacob Cook, Chef

March 18, 2021

Living a life of discipline and principle is the way to achieve success.  Its not easy, but it is something we can all strive to do.  Entrepreneurs display this and it is why we can all learn from them.  A Chef is entrepreneurial and so much more— an artist, a leader, a principled task-master.  Jada Shiya and her husband Jacob Cook lead lives as Chefs.  We are lucky that their journey brought them to Wichita, Kansas.  And the result of their discipline is the beautiful food at The Belmont and Frost in Happiness Plaza.   



FLAGSHIPKANSAS.TECH, Ashley Sheideman, Executive Director with Advisory Board members Dan Reisig & Molly Breitenbach

March 8, 2021

Technology is emersed in all of our lives and if you are a business-person, you are either using/growing technology or you are dying.  Ashley Sheideman of Flagship Kansas comes to the to talk about the current state of technology companies in Kansas and the opportunities they are creating for additional Tech companies to thrive in Kansas.  We all know that Kansas is a great place from which to operate and that is why entrepreneurs and startup businesses will continue to come to Kansas to connect our world.  



Dr. Randy Mijares, MD Symbio Medicine

March 1, 2021

Dr. Mijares is a good man.  Randy is the reason why so many people have better lives.  He has made the powerful statement by which he lives his own life— “with opportunity come obligation.”  And he lives his life that way every day— giving much of his time and heart to healing, improving, motivating and  strengthening people.  Randy’s story immigrating from Cuba as a child shapes how he lives and we are grateful he is back on the ictpodcast to share his wisdom.  



Dominic Gonzalez, MARS Records, with Toni Todaro

February 22, 2021

Are entrepreneurs born or made?  Dominic Gonzalez was on a path to be an Engineer but had this strong voice inside him yelling “take action!”  And he listened, took action and his story grows.  Dominic created MARS Records after his experiences doing things he knew little about but he found tremendous excitement in doing.  I am grateful that Dominic and one of his Artists, the incomparable Toni Todaro share their voice on the ictpodcast.  The desire they have and action that these young entrepreneurs are taking is inspiration for everyone.



Ashley Moore, Founder, The Collective Events & Design by Ashley

February 16, 2021

Ashley Moore, a self described “creative”, is someone I hope you get a chance to meet— personally and professionally.  Ashley is a fantastic example of taking action on the dream that is inside you. Fear is a poor excuse.  Ashley’s courage to follow her entrepreneurial calling is what gives us

Ashley created a point of view and then assembled an incredible Team so they get the job done.  She comes on the ictpodcast to share her unshakeable belief in using your talents to the fullest every day. 



James Franko, President Kansas Policy Institute

February 8, 2021

Knowledge is power, actually it is the application of knowledge that gives one power.  And it is really the power of the Self to consider difficult (or controversial) aspects of life that create opportunity for understanding.  James Franko is considerate and that is what makes him a phenomenal intellect with whom to discuss difficult subjects.  The Kansas Policy Institute digs deep into subjects that are challenging and they give the Public better resources to consider better solutions.  Grateful to chat with James Franko on the ictpodcast. 



Dr. Patrick Garrett

January 29, 2021

Dr. G returns to the podcast and we are tremendously grateful that he did so.  You can see him weekly on the Dr. G show on his Facebook page but I suggest you make the opportunity happen to meet him.  Patrick has the greatest strength and that is his total vulnerability.  I appreciate his willingness to share his personal experience in life to help explain how and why we all need to work on daily improvement.  Put Dr. G into practice in your own life. 



CHICKnMAX— Founder Max Sheets with the beautiful Cathy Carrier

January 25, 2021

Entrepreneurship has a best friend and that is the Restaurant Business. As the Founder of CHICKNMAX, Max Sheets has stated, “the restaurant business gives opportunity to everyone.” And Max knows what he is talking about because he has worked for Legends in Business and in the restaurant business. Max is a passionate leader— you want to be in his presence. We love celebrating the stories of entrepreneurs. Max Sheets and Cathy Carrier join the ictpodcast to tell us how they serve and deliver.



Audra Dinell, The Thread

January 18, 2021

I have always said that women are the best leaders.  There is no question that we are all better off considering a woman’s point of view and ideas for unique solutions.  Audra Dinell has created The Thread to give professional women a place to improve their opportunities and share what works for them in life and in a career.  Connecting women ready for advancement, promoting a continuous opportunity for ideas and thoughts to be shared and curated— this is The Thread.



Warren Martin, Executive Director, KANSAS STRONG

January 11, 2021

Independent Oil & Gas Producers are important to all of us.  They provide readily available energy so we can heat our homes, cook our food, clean our clothes and selves— our quality of life is better because of what they do.  Kansas Strong was created to tell their stories and share the impact that energy has in our lives every day.  Do not take for granted what the oil & gas industry does for humanity.  Thank you to Warren Martin for coming on the ictpodcast to articulate how they are keeping Kansas Strong.



Senior Master Neil Beisel, Chief Instructor, Empower Martial Arts & 1989 National Tae Kwon Do Champion

January 4, 2021

Master Beisel, the 1989 Tae Kwon Do National Champion, visits the ictpodcast to share his journey and what it takes to be a champion.  Master Beisel does incredible work with all ages but it is his attention to youth development that captured my heart.  Teaching young kids confidence, respect, integrity and work ethic is critical to success in life and success of our future generations. Thank you Master Beisel for leading young generations and giving them the tools to be masters in their lives.



Virtue, a discussion. Joined by Dr. Richard Dix

December 28, 2020

Virtue.  This is complex.  Do not use virtue as a weapon.  Use it to discover ways to improve your own agency.  We are individuals, responsible for ourselves and virtue is there to nourish us. 



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Mike & Brandon

December 22, 2020

Wrapping up a unique year with a big beautiful BOW!




December 16, 2020

The startup world is full of potential and Josh Oeding is seeing to it that the potential is realized.  NXTUS has moved the bar on investing in entrepreneurs and tech startups.  Follow what is happening with the team @nxtusio because they are going to change life whether you are paying attention or not.  



Toni Todaro— Musical Artist and Producer of the ictpodcast

December 8, 2020

This man has made a transformation in his life and in the life of others.  It is ok to be proud of people (I believe it fosters encouragement and we all could use a little of that) and I am proud of Christopher.  He is talented in many ways but the one talent he has that will penetrate your soul is his music.  He Produces the  Toni Todaro also sees value in people and it is that unique quality that shapes his life and the hard work he puts into it.  I loved our conversation. Keep your eyes on this man as he brings us all “under a groove.”



Groover Labs, Founders, Tracy Hoover & Curt Gridley

November 30, 2020

On the entrepreneurial journey, creating opportunities for others is primary in creating your own success.  Aristotle spoke of this thousands of years ago— the concept of serving others and doing good.  Tracy Hoover and Curt Gridley created Groover Labs with this sentiment.  Successful Entrepreneurs in the Tech Startup space, they created value and ultimately sold their ventures.  They returned to Wichita USA and they created the ultimate opportunity for others to achieve their own startup and entrepreneurial dream. Groover Labs is the Maker Space center for Collaboration.  



Aaron Michaelis, Proprietor, Flint Knoll Winery

November 23, 2020

We are so grateful to talk with entrepreneurs— those who take great risk and fully utilize their aptitudes— bringing incredible products/solutions/services to this world.  We are honored to celebrate them.  And on this episode we talk with an entrepreneur who detected his passion and would not stop in his pursuit.  Aaron Michaelis shows us why we must do what is inside us because it leads to beautiful results.  And we toast the success that is Flint Knoll Winery.  



Deb Voth, President, Rainbows United

November 16, 2020

Rainbows United serves the children of Wichita, Kansas.  And it is a service of love.  Kids need strong, positive influences and that is exactly what Rainbows United delivers.  We are grateful to have the leadership of Rainbows in our community and that means our future is always bright.  Deb Voth leads this fabulous organization with strength and humility.  The work is done every day and the positive outcomes of their work are visible every day.  We are honored to bring you this conversation and beautiful story of life that is Rainbows United.  



Landon Huslig, Wichita Life Podcast

November 9, 2020

Landon is an engineer by profession and decided to create an ecosystem that promotes Wichita, Kansas.  The Wichita Life began by collecting and sharing beautiful images of Wichita USA.  Landon took it another step forward to grow the sphere of influence by creating the Wichita Life podcast.  We are thankful that Landon came on the ictpodcast to share his perspective on Wichita, KS and his own journey doing the work and creating positive outcomes.  Enjoy this SWAPCAST with Landon Huslig on the



Dalton Glasscock, Chairman, Sedgwick County Republican Party

October 25, 2020

We have an election on November 3rd.  Chairman Dalton Glasscock visits the ictpodcast to talk about the importance of voting and the issues of the day that are terribly divisive.  Dalton is a strong, positive young man with an open mind and heart.  No matter your politics, you can learn from Dalton because he takes action.  We appreciate his time talking leadership and action on the ictpodcast.



My friend Michael

October 23, 2020

It is with a joyful heart that we welcome back the best co-host and  friend anyone could have.  I am so happy to be sharing the microphone with my friend Michael as we talk about life in 2020.  



Dr. Richard Dix

October 9, 2020

”Remember when Richard Dix came in here and tried to take over this town?” Fought Pandemic, politics, woke culture, social media, fought locusts ... We didn’t give up then and by gum, we aren’t going to give up now! 

Dr. Richard Dix expresses the courage little seen in this day and age, and he comes on the and we are all indebted for him to clearly stating what needed to be said.  



Sam Foreman, Founder, Foreman Law

October 9, 2020

Not a lot of us would put the word Entrepreneur and Attorney in the same sentence.  Entrepreneurs certainly need great attorneys and great attorneys support the entrepreneurial community.  Sam Foreman is a great attorney and a great Entrepreneur.  He started Foreman Law.  He joins the ictpodcast to tell us his perspective on the startup world and his Firm’s action with entrepreneurs. 



CR Hall, CEO Hall’s Culligan

September 18, 2020

Perseverance.  That’s what it takes.  When you are 22 years old, its hard to fully recognize opportunity.  CR Hall did.  His Father asked him to go run a business in Wichita, KS.  As a Senior in college in Iowa, he packed his bags, the day after Christmas, and fulfilled  his Dad’s request.  

From these challenging beginnings, CR kept doing the hard work.  And from these challenges CR has grown the largest Culligan operation in the country.  He gives all the credit to the great people throughout his life. Enjoy Mr CR Hall. 



Mike Rajewski, General Manager KAKE TV

September 18, 2020

Mike’s professional experience and leadership in the television business over the last 30 years gives him a rare perspective in life.    Mike joins us on the ictpodcast to talk about the careful decisions you have to make while leading a network that is so important in the communities it serves.  There is a high responsibility to your community when you are its news source.  Leadership at this level is crucial. Developing a trusted relationship with your community takes authentic thought and consideration.  Mike has been leading in commmunities all over the United States and he talks with us about how he respects the job by considering the responsibility the local news has to each commmunity it serves.  



Chris Gerhardt, Promoter, Trainer, Coach, Inspirer of Action

September 18, 2020

A young boy, inspired by Rocky, takes to the gym to learn the fight game.  And it begins a life of dedication to motivate and bring hope through the discipline of fighting and mixed martial arts.  Chris Gerhardt brings it every time!  You want to be better in life?  Surround yourself with better people and get Coach in your corner who will hold you accountable and teach you principles that will bring out your absolute potential.  Here he is, on the ictpodcast, with all his power and energy. 



Collective or Collaborate

September 9, 2020

How shall we go about our lives, interacting with each other— collectively or collaboratively?  These are not synonyms.  In life we all need each other but what we all really need is to be strong enough as individuals.  A collective allows for the weakening of the self.  Be a strong individual so that you are strong enough to collaborate in life.  



Erik Smith, Founder CEO SmithCon

August 27, 2020

A lot of people talk about wanting to quit “working for the man” —starting their own thing. They never do it for whatever reason that is certainly an excuse.  But some people do. They go all in and take tremendous risk. Sometimes they fail.
It is those individuals who refused to fail that can teach tremendous lessons in life.
Erik Smith refuses to fail, therefore he is successful.
He’s not only successful in business, he is successful in the most important places with his family and with who he is as a human being, focusing on his strengths... and never giving up.  So excited to bring you this conversation with Erik Smith. 



Samantha Lucciarini, Owner Real Producers

August 13, 2020

Samantha is the example of “keep doing the hard work.”  If you are not where you want to be today, keep doing the work.  It is in doing the hard work where your passion and strengths come together, then your influence grows and you inspire others exponentially. This podcast is celebration of finding your strengths.  Detect your aptitude and match it up with a purpose.  What is an abundant life— doing what you do so well that people are excited to share what you do with others.  Samantha, thank you for giving us this on the ictpodcast.  



Brad Elliott, CEO Equity Bank

August 7, 2020

Brad Elliott is one of the best leaders in this country.  In Business, in life, in Family— Brad’s steadfast leadership prevails.  

“The right thing to do is the right thing to do, no matter what.”  

Often times doing difficult things at the highest level means just doing the right thing.  We are grateful that Brad has come back on the ictpodcast to discuss life in these remarkably challenging times.  



Dr. Shawn Pomeroy

August 4, 2020

Dr. Pomeroy comes on the ictpodcast to tell us how he changes lives through his dedicated practice of chiropractic wellness.  I am pleased he walks us through what he does to get function back in peoples’ lives.  I knew very little abut Chiropractic and feel that this conversation will shed light on how Shawn applies the science  in his practice.  Enjoy. 



Andrew Garvey, Author

July 24, 2020

Our intention with the is to bring you conversations from people who do difficult things at the highest level.  In my experience, there are few things more difficult than being published as a professional writer.  Andrew R. Garvey shares with us his intellectual accomplishments through the works he has created.  Writing is not easy.  Writing fiction may see an easier feat because you can make it up.  Andrew talks with us about the responsibility he believes a writer has to produce not only great stories but the proper cadence and use of words to enhance the experience of the reader.  And he has written very technical non-fiction that also pays close attention to the how the reader consumes his works.  I am grateful that he brought us into his curiosity that leads him to produce the books he writes.



Bryan Elmore, CPA

June 8, 2020

CPA Bryan Elmore joins us on the and we talk small business relief packages and resources as this pandemic subsides and we begin the hard work of putting this economy back together. There are so many possibilities and opportunities for positive outcomes if we all just do the work and embrace kindness and grace. Let’s get to it!



Heroes. Warriors.

May 26, 2020

I am Honored to have had this conversation.  No hyperbole— truly honored.  

Wichita Prosthetist, Steve Peeples, with a national following for his craft, building highly technical arms and legs, introduces us to the Heros he has had the honor to help get back to life.  

These are Warriors.  They are Heros.  They defend our freedoms.  They do the hard work.  It is their unwavering focus on life that fills our hearts, minds and spirit with the inspiration to keep going.  Thank you for your service.  Thank you for your leadership.   



James Wiebe, CEO/Founder Thin Air Energy

April 2, 2020

James Wiebe is an inventor, a tinkerer and an entrepreneur.  As an entrepreneur he has started and sold multiple companies.  There is success and there is failure.  James Wiebe has persevered through both to bring him to where he is today.  He joins the ictpodcast and shares his stories and you will get a glimpse into the mysterium of his unique and intelligent mind.  And his latest technological development— Thin Air Energy!  We are pleased to bring you this fabulous conversation.  Enjoy. 



Alicia Holloway, President Wichita Independent Business Association

March 23, 2020

WIBA is the advocate for small business.  Alicia Holloway is a valuable connection for the business world.  As a former business owner and meme we of WIBA, Alcoa understands the challenges all businesses and startups can have.  What I love about Alicia is her genuine excitement to connect people and business assets so that business can e better for everyone.  And she is fun too.  Thanks for joining us on the ictpodcast.



Erik Leschuk— CEO EDL & Next Level, President LightspeedVT Midwest

March 17, 2020

Erik is my favorite Entrepreneur.  He knows how to make money.  That statement may sound simple but the act of making money is not easy.  Doing the work, taking risk and being rewarded with profit is the goal of all businesses and the goal of all entrepreneurs.   Whether it’s Real Estate, supply chain distribution or technology— Erik sees risk and failure as a variable to be considered, that’s it. No matter the market conditions, Erik Leschuk finds opportunities and works the opportunity into a successful venture.  When it does not work— he simply moves on.  Enjoy this conversation with my favorite entrepreneur. 



Dr Randy Mijares MD, Founder Symbio Medicine

March 11, 2020

Dr. Mijares returns to the ictpodcast to share his perspective on how virus’ spread and where current situations stand historically to other world-wide scares.  But what we getting from Randy is his unfettered belief in the opportunities freedom allows us in this country.  A Cuban immigrant, Randy has spent his life doing the hard work that it takes to positively affect the lives of others.  As a medical doctor, a coach, an entrepreneur— Randy leads with his beautiful heart.  We are grateful for the opportunity to absorb his humanity on the ictpodcast. 



Chef George Youssef

March 2, 2020

George is the example of living your passion.  He will tell you that he is far from the best Chef (he’s an amazing Chef) and just loves the challenge of delivering the highest quality experience for his guests.  George’s gregarious nature is the ingredient that leaves you wanting more of what he is serving.  His success is due to his humble generosity and joyful disposition.  I am grateful to share our discussion.  This is Chef George.   



Anna Mason, Partner, Rise of the Rest Seed Fund

February 20, 2020

“When you invest in start-ups you are at the intersection of realism and optimism.”  Anna Mason, an entrepreneur herself, (named by @BusinessInsider as one of the top 100 people transforming business in 2019) is leading another road trip for the Rise of the Rest seed fund that will take them to Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Northwest Arkansas and St. Louis that gives startups an opportunity to earn a $100,000 investment from the seed fund.  And the first stop on the tour, Wichita, KS, where our culture of entrepreneurial talent will be front and center.  Anna tells the ictpodcast how this came about and how important visiting communities all over the country is to the economy.  This is the Revolution. 



Dr. Patrick Garrett

February 17, 2020

He hosts the Dr. G Show on Facebook Live.  Dr. Patrick Garrett comes on the ictpodcast with an open heart, a clear mind and a confident outlook on curing what ails you.  Functional Medicine details all aspects of your life as it relates to your health, both physical and mental.  I am thankful for his intellect, his honesty and his empathetic way of practicing medicine.  Enjoy our guest, Dr. Patrick Garrett.  



Alex Harb, CEO Meddys & RBS IT

February 11, 2020

Alex Harb meets you with a smile that lets you know he loves the work he has created.  Alex also has an intensity about him that makes you want to get on board with what he has created.  A first generation immigrant from Lebanon, Alex takes nothing for granted and sees limitless opportunity.  We talk about failure, success, failure, the grind and the wonderful opportunity that exists when you let gratitude for opportunity infect your life.  I am thankful for our conversation on the ictpodcast.  



ERNEST ALEXANDER— President, Youth Horizons & an amazing Gospel Baritone voice

February 3, 2020

Earnest has devoted his life to serving the Lord and reaching out to troubled and at-risk children. He is currently the President of Youth Horizons. Ernie has given guidance and opportunity to so many previously troubled youth. His Gospel music will set your heart free. He is a beautiful voice and a beautiful person in our world. Our conversation is real. I am honored to have had this conversation and to now share it with you.



EMPATHY the podcast

February 3, 2020

I am here to share my feelings on empathy and living abundantly.  



Happiness Plaza & The Belmont— a College Hill revival story

January 8, 2020

Ryan and Anthony Francisco, Developers Edgehill Investments, return to Wichita with an incredible new real estate venture in College Hill.  Happiness Plaza is in the heart of College Hill and the Douglas Design corridor.  The Franciscos have come to this market, this ground with an intentional point of view— why build new when you can revive the unique architecture and culture existing in a special neighborhood?  So that is what they have done.   Happiness Plaza 3555 East Douglas has a feeling unlike any other building.  And the developers from Edgehill Investments knew it was ready to be something special again, so they partnered with talented Restauranteur Tory DeMarce to bring The Belmont as the anchor to this architectural beauty.  The restaurant  is the first phase of this awesome property.  Listen to find out what their plans are.  I am honored to share their vision for this project as they tell it on the ictpodcast.



Christina Long, Owner CML Collective

January 1, 2020

This is a strong and graceful woman.  I love Christina’s tenacity and drive.  But it is her ability to be vulnerable and honest that makes you grateful to talk with her.  Ladies and gentlemen I really enjoyed my time with Christina Long.  Thank you for all you do for our community. 




December 17, 2019

Kenton is my favorite”Tech Hipster” in fact he may be the only one.  Kenton continues to lead in the area of tech research and development and is the catalyst for the remote working community in Wichita USA.  He is a great Guest because he truly embraces failure as the necessary step towards innovation success.  We are thankful for his time on the ictpodcast.  



Ted Ayers

November 15, 2019

Ted is a fantastic Leader.  He has led throughout his career.  Ted leads by doing.  He has presented arguments in front of the Supreme Court, counseled several Universities through complicated issues, was the catalyst bringing Gordon Parks art and manuscripts to Wichita State, he is on the Board of the Kansas Historical Society, hosts a program on KPTS “Inside the Cover”, loves the St. Louis Cardinals, a wonderful father to 3 young men, caring husband to sweet Marcia and a friend of mine.  I loved our conversation. 



Josh Oeding CEO, e2e Accelerator

November 15, 2019

Josh is one of the most thoughtful and intentional people I have met.  He is leading the Tech Startup funding initiative that so many other communities covet.  Josh will be one of the reasons Wichita succeeds in the near future.  A fun conversation. 



Shelly Prichard, CEO Wichita Community Foundation

June 22, 2018

Shelly Prichard inspires people.  Her leadership at the Community Foundation is intentional and creating real opportunity for Wichita.  We welcome Shelly back to the to talk about the intiative WCF has with James Chung.  We are all responsible for consuming the information and turning it into action to drive our community forward. Check out the challenge of Truth and Dare from Shelly and her team at the Wichita Community Foundation.  Wichita is very lucky to have Shelly and her compelling leadership.



Polo On The Plains, an event for the benefit of KIDZCOPE

May 24, 2018

Fundraising can be a challenge.  The Founders of Polo on the Plains, motivated by the mission and services of KIDZCOPE, gathered 8 years ago to bring an experience to Wichita and Kansas, like none other.  

A polo match is a unique experience in itself.  At POTP, you arrive to a beautiful manicured fairway in the middle of the prairie.  A parade of ponies, steepled white magnificent tents, masterfully decorated cabanas, Champagne toasts, Whiskey Bars, women in silk frocks with elegant hats, men in dapper dress seersucker enjoying celebretory cigars; it has the look and feel of a modern-day Gatsby set.  And you are the star of the show, consuming the casual elegance uniquely for you. It is fun.

These incredible individuals made Polo on the Plains an experience that Kansans do not want to miss.  

Listen to the story behind why they are willing to pour all of their energy and heart to raise money for KIDZcope, giving hope to grieving families. 



Quick Clip. Rise & Shine! And drink up Kansas!

May 17, 2018

Just in time for summer... booze at 6am! Instead of a breakfast meeting why not Happy hour at 7:30 in the morning?  Just be careful of the mid-mornig DUI Checkpoints.



Mary Beth Jarvis CEO, Wichita Festivals

May 10, 2018

Mary Beth discusses the incredible Team at Wichita Festivals and all of the Volunteers that are responsible for one of the largest outdoor festivals in the World-- the Wichita River Fest!

River Festival is the first week of June so GET YOUR BUTTONS, DOWNLOAD THE APP and enjoy the festival!

She is talented, dedicated and humble about all she has accomplished for the betterment of Wichita, USA.  Wichita is a more dynamic and confident community because of the intentional Leadership of Mary Beth.  Listen to her story and how she continues to move the spirit, innovation and quality of Wichita forward.



Lance Minor Aero Plains Brewery

April 26, 2018

Lance talks about the principles he learned in the Marine Corps and how the relationships he made drove him to take his passion and turn it into a business.  Aero Plains Brewery has great leadership and creativity at every level of the organization.  And, Oh yeah, the beer is fantastic.  Buy it in a store near you and visit them in Delano, Wichita.  



Susayn Peer Brandes, CEO Great Plains Ventures

March 22, 2018

Susayn talks with the ICTpodcast about her father's journey as an entrepreneur, an inventor and a Wichitan.  Charlie Peer started his career working with Wichita greats like SheldonColeman Sr. and Bill Lear.  Charlie created businesses that create products and services for customers all over the world.  His daughter Susayn talks about growing up in an entrepreneurs home and how she and her brother Marque have successfully invested in their Father's business and created tremendous opportunity for their employees and for Wichita.



Episode 27 Mike Miller

March 8, 2018

Mike made himself an Entrpreneur in 8th grade. His committment launched a career that creates value for consumers with his products and value for other inventors that need help taking an idea to Market. Mike talks perseverance, creativity and Wichita in this episode of the ict



Quick Clips 9 - Ancestors

March 1, 2018

Discussion about ancestry.



Quick Clip 8 - Mike Solo

February 22, 2018

Mike holds down the fort.



Episode 26 - Tom Smith - Alltite

February 8, 2018

Tom discusses growing up in the torque wrench industry, and becoming an innovator in his field.



Quick Clip 7 - Douglas Design District

February 1, 2018

Douglas Design District has so much to offer Wichita.



Episode 25 - Kylie Stupka - Youth Entrepreneurs

January 25, 2018

Kylie discusses the youth movement in entrepreneurship, and how Kansas is helping them thrive.



Quick Clip 6 - Wichita Restaurants

January 19, 2018

Wichita has a great history on restaurants. Mike and Brandon tell you the places they loved to eat as children and the awesome new restaurants in Wichita.    



Episode 24 - Don Hackett - Entrepreneurship

January 11, 2018

Don discusses Wichita and his thoughts and involvement in the business community.



Quick Clips 5 - New Year 2018

January 4, 2018

Mike and Brandon discuss the new year.



Quick Clips 4 - No Limits

December 28, 2017

Mo B Dick discusses moving back to Wichita, and his experiences with Master P.



Quick Clips 3 - Christmas

December 21, 2017



Episode 23 - Janelle King - JK Design, The Workroom

December 14, 2017

Janelle shares her experiences jumping into a new business - and her success at bringing a community together.




Episode 22 - Mike and Brandon discuss guests

December 7, 2017

Recap of episodes with Erik Smith, Shelly Prichard, Kenton Hansen, Adam Hardke, Sierra Scott, Kalene Smith, Brad Elliott.



Episode 20 - Brad Elliott - Equity Bank

November 30, 2017

Brad shares his stories of growing up and how his work ethic, and commitment to people, has driven the success of Equity Bank.



Quick Clip 2 - Thanks Giving

November 23, 2017

Brandon and Mike give thanks.



Episode 19 - Kalene Smith - Tousled

November 16, 2017

Kalene discusses her passion for personal improvement and her newest entrepreneurial venture.



E-Factor Quick Clips 1 - Bastiat Society

November 9, 2017

Brandon and Mike discuss Bastiat Society and how the craft brew industry shows entrepreneurs at their finest.



Episode 18 - Sierra Scott - Positively Kansas

November 2, 2017

Sierra discusses her media career and her unique approach to positive journalism.



Episode 17 - Mike and Brandon - Crown Uptown, Center for Performing Arts

October 26, 2017

Mike and Brandon discuss the Crown Uptown Theater and the Center for Performing Arts.



Episode 16 - Adam Hardke - Barleycorn's, Wichita Music Scene

October 19, 2017

Adam Hardke discusses the music scene in Wichita over the last 15 years, and his role in bringing more music to the city.



Episode 15 - Kenton Hansen - The Labor Party, Ennovar

October 5, 2017

Kenton talks about the tech industry in Wichita and what existing businesses need to do in order to succeed in the age of "the internet of things".



Episode 14 - Shelly Prichard - Wichita Community Foundation

September 21, 2017

Shelly shares how entrepreneurship is a large part of non-profit organizations, and how growing up in agriculture helped shape her views on life and business.



Episode 13 - Erik Smith - Smithcon

August 31, 2017

Erik started his company in the depths of the Great Recession - and tells his story of how he built it into a successful Wichita institution.



Episode 12 - Brandon and Mike - discuss past guests

August 24, 2017

Brandon and Mike discuss past guests.



Episode 11 - Ray Clause - Sharp's Repair

August 17, 2017

Ray Clause is an entrepreneur with a love of music, pianos, and a vision for how to educate children with a love of music.



Episode 10 - Richard Rierson - Dose of Leadership

August 10, 2017

Richard Rierson has hosted over 300 podcasts with some of the greatest leaders in the country.  Richard is also a leadership coach with years of experience to pass along.



Episode 9 - Brian Williamson - JCB Laboratories

August 3, 2017

Brian Williamson discusses his childhood growing up in Western Kansas, and his journey to become a leading entrepreneur in the sterile pharmaceutical industry.



Episode 8 - Harvey Childers - Garvey Industries

July 7, 2017

Harvey discusses running Garvey Industries and the entrepreneurial spirit he found there.



Episode 7 - Randy Mijares - Symbio Medicine

June 24, 2017

Randy discusses his childhood growing up in Cuba, and stories about what it has taken for him to succeed.



Episode 6 - Brandon and Mike Figure it Out

June 24, 2017

Brandon and Mike discuss the word Entrepreneur and what it means.



Episode 5 - Jean Ann Cusick - Lebanese Community

June 24, 2017

Jean Ann discusses the Lebanese Community and their impact on Wichita.



Episode 4 - Erik Luschuk - Lightspeed VT

June 24, 2017

Erik discusses what it was like to grow up in Wichita and what it took to become a success.



Episode 3 - Dave Lovett - Bookaholic

June 24, 2017

Dave discusses Bookaholic and what it took to be an entrepreneur in Wichita.  



Episode 2 - Brandon and Mike

April 20, 2017

Entrepreneurs are driven, focused, and succeed under pressure.  Brandon and Mike interview these individuals to find out what makes them tick and how they power through adversity to build their businesses.