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Stories from entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs have fascinating, dynamic stories. They are all different. What is similar is their Entrepreneur Factor. Their "E-Factor." Experience their candid stories with us.

Future Ready! with Robert Feeney, Ringorang CEO

February 26, 2024

"With. Take the ACTION with the obstacles." -Robert Feeney

Robert Feeney is using his technology Ringorang to help students become Future Ready.

Ringorang is a technology that is proven to change behaviors and when an individual needs help changing a certain behavior they can do it by engaging in a 1-2 minute daily "game" that begins to direct you to better outcomes.

Robert is committed to making Ringorang the technology that drives future readiness so we can solve the problems an unprepared workforce causes.  Rather, our world will be full of individuals seeking solutions and positive outcomes because we are Future Ready.



Jonathan Roper, Entrepreneur, Founder Wichita Sewer & Drain

February 19, 2024

"I asked myself, how can I flip capitalism and our financial system to work for me?"

-Jonathan Roper, Entrepreneur

When you get a chance to hear a Founder/Entrepreneur talk about the process followed to create opportunities, it is a rare moment of transparency.  We may hear about the difficulties, hard work and persistence and we will never quite understand that grind. 

Jonathan Roper gives us a glimpse into his process from lost and panicked to taking action and creating the life he knew he could for his family and for those he collaborates with as an Entrepreneur.

You can create something that has never been done or you can work at something harder than most but the bottom line is you must create Value.  Jonathan thinks about creating Value for Customers, Partners, Employees and the Community with every opportunity he pursues. 



Sheldon Coleman, CEO

February 12, 2024

"When they [endocannabinoid system] line up better, your body is working more efficiently and you feel better."

-Sheldon Coleman, CEO AdvenTrue

In part II of our discussion with Sheldon Coleman we have a refined dialogue around Hemp and the scientific processes that take place at AdvenTrue to create the wellness products they procure.  Cannabis is the plant and Hemp is a species of that plant from which a myriad of cannabinoids can be derived.  

CBD, CBN,CBG... all of this can be confusing and confusion means people are not engaging with Hemp wellness products that can potentially solve ailments.  Sheldon and his team study this plant and through their vigorous research and development AdvenTrue refines natural solutions.  With more research, the promise of solutions that meet people's expectations occur.  Lives are positively impacted.  Let's learn more so we can take action for healthier outcomes. 



Steven Werner Co-Founder/CEO Lawn Buddy & Blue Ox

February 5, 2024

"Learn to not carry the burden of the fear of failure."

-Steven Werner, CEO Lawn Buddy/Blue Ox


It is my experience that entrepreneurs and Founders are slightly different.  The difference is in the pursuit.  All entrepreneurs have grit and determination. They figure out a way.  The Founder pursues the idea, the business like their life depended on it.  We can all learn from Founders but there is a good chance we won't all understand Founders.  "You have to put yourself in situations to do hard things," Steven extols.  

Steven Werner is an entrepreneur.  Steven is a Founder and he shares why he has such reverence for this pursuit. 



James Franko, President Kansas Policy Institute

January 29, 2024

"What can we do to remove those barrier? put that money directly in control of the parents."

--James Franko on Education Savings Accounts and school choice.

It is logical that we all learn differently and that means we all need options for learning.  When it comes to school and the development of kids it is important to provide meaningful choices for parents to help educate their child.  The Kansas Policy Institute has studied this issue and helped create solutions so that more kids have access to learn and develop.  Legacy Institutions should be a choice but it cannot be the only choice.  That is not logical.  Lets give parents and kids more opportunity to learn and the resources they need to do it.



Jason Toevs, artificial intelligence

January 22, 2024

"Provision means: For the Vision.  If we don't have Vison, how do we expect Provision?"

-Jason Toevs, Entrepreneur

Artificial General Intelligence is the most compelling technology of my lifetime.  So why does something with such incredible promise and opportunity scare so many people?  ai is both promising and terrifying at the same time because human being have the capacity to do extraordinary things at the same time human being have the capacity to do horrible things.  This is the paradox of humanity.  

Jason Toevs is the successful Entrepreneur with whom to have this discussion.  He has created/Founded/CEOed multiple companies and that is hard to do.  It takes incredible discipline and  good judgement.  Artificial Intelligence has spectacular applications that will advance human potential.  The application of it, the vision of it, takes good judgment.  The world is full of people with varying degrees of judgement and discipline.  ai is amongst us and it is not going back in the bottle.  So tell us Jason Toevs, how do we positively transform society using Artificial Intelligence knowing the paradox of being human?



Sheldon Coleman, CEO & Co-Founder

January 15, 2024

Sheldon Coleman is life-long entrepreneur and businessman.  The best entrepreneurs pursue ventures that solve problems for people.  And they solve problems in areas that they believe in, have a passion for and can track with fervor.  

AdvenTrue Wellness is a nature based Hemp company.  Sheldon and his team continue to do extensive research and development to create plant-based solutions to improve the quality of your life.  They want the public to be well informed so they are constantly communicating details about each product and the science behind the solution.  Adventrue has solutions and answers to all of your questions about how these products can make your life better, naturally. 



Breaking the Law with Ashlyn Lindskog & Sam Foreman

January 8, 2024

"Wait! Wait! This can be different." -- Ashlyn Lindskog, Attorney

"I had to climb workaholic mountain." -- Sam Foreman, Attorney

Sam Foreman and Ashlyn Lindskog take a thoughtful approach to practicing law.  "The traditional practice of law can really hurt people," says Sam Foreman. And that is why Sam decided to start his own practice with a different approach for the benefit of his clients and the benefit of the Lawyers he collaborated with.  Ashlyn has a similar perspective, that the practice of law squeezes your time and then you have nothing left for your Family, for your own life.  

Sam and Ashlyn have a new podcast Breaking the Law and you should listen.  These are two very bright legal minds and they are even better human beings.  Entrepreneurs must be true to themselves and their mission or they will lose their identity.  These entrepreneurial lawyers have created a path to be the best attorney because they focus on being their best selves.



Jess Cornejo, The Cornejo Family with Ron & Marty Cornejo

January 2, 2024

"Somebody has to take the risk." -- Ron Cornejo

"We are used to self-performing." -- Marty Cornejo

When Jess Cornejo took the risk to go into business for himself, his wife Josephine broke into tears.  Someone has to be willing to take the risk and that does not mean that it is without fear or pain.  Often times we just see success and we do not see the pain, the sacrifice, the discipline to press on every day.  

Jess had the courage and the determination and he put his name on it.  Ron and Marty Cornejo learned the power of hard work from their Father.  The Cornejo Family is in the 3rd generation of putting hard work and discipline into action.  And they continue to transform Wichita with the projects they do, the people they collaborate with and the opportunities they create.  




Mayor Lily Wu

December 27, 2023

"Engagement. Engagement is about communication. We want to remind our community we are serving them."

- Mayor Lily Wu

All for Wichita is how Lily ran her campaign and all for Wichita is how she is leading Wichita.  And all she asks from us is to actively participate so we can all celebrate small wins and big wins together.  This is Wichita and we all deserve to "reach our full potential" together.




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Brandon Paulseen


Brandon has been working with entrepreneurs his entire professional career. An entrepreneur is not easily defined. They come from any background. Their path to success develops outside of traditional paradigms. This is why their stories are so intriguing. This is why we are all fascinated by their stories. what is consistent with all entrepreneurs is the unshakable belief in their desired goal and the will to just get it done.