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Stories from entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs have fascinating, dynamic stories. They are all different. What is similar is their Entrepreneur Factor. Their "E-Factor." Experience their candid stories with us.

Lance Minor, Director Kansas Family Business Forum

March 27, 2023

"Successful Diplomacy hinges on Collaboration."

-- Lance Minor

The Kansas Family Business Forum has the leadership of a man who understands challenging situations and has the courage to meet them head on and pivot when necessary so business and the family can move forward, together.

We are grateful to have Lance Minor back on the after 5 years.  Lance pursued this role, leading KFBF and it is a resource entrepreneurs and Family Businesses cannot ignore.  Communication is crucial in business and an undeniable part of family business success. 



Chad Hessen, Tournerr Doors

March 21, 2023

"The only skillset you have may be to work hard-- and you still have to work hard."

If it is a cliche, it is because it is true.  No one possess more cliches than a successful entrepreneur.  Chad Hessen went to work as a young man and just kept after it (cliche).  Amazing things happen in your life when you grind through the tough times (cliche).  

Chad Hessen finds himself today as an owner/entrepreneur of a remarkable company, Tournerr Doors.  And as they say, the man at the top of the mountain did not fall there (cliche).  

Tournerr Doors is disrupting the market of Iron Doors and Pivot Doors.  They have taken something very complicated and continue to refine it through iterative processes.  

Working at it, one day at a time (you know) and Tournerr customers love it!



Robert Feeney, Chief Vision Officer,

March 14, 2023

Complex problems are best solved by intelligent, thoughtful people.  Changing human behavior so that we can fully unlock our potential individually and as a planet-- that's a hard problem.

Chief Vision Officer, Robert Feeney is an intelligent and thoughtful man with the tenacity and judgement to take on this problem.  Ringorang is his technology and it will optimize human behavior so we can continue taking on and solving human problems.  Humanity is the beneficiary.  



Thumb$core -- David Thorne, CEO with Dr. Siyu Wang

March 6, 2023

Use tools in your life to improve your life.  Sounds simple enough.  Tools of improvement today mean technology.  Put down the technology that is NOT making your life better and CHOOSE the technology that will make your life better. is the tool you need to start using.  Financial Stress is REAL and Thumbscore will help guide you no matter where you are in your financial process.  The science of behavioral economics is what drives Thumbscore so that is can drive you to make better decisions and to achieve your financial goals.  



Frank Sell, Founder-- Get Shit Done

February 27, 2023

"Sovereignty was the hook." -- Frank Sell, Jr.

When you have a great tagline that captures people immediately, that’s fantastic marketing. When that tagline actually has relevance in someone’s life that helps them in a positive way --like taking action-- it creates a Movement! (and the delicious coffee helps as well)

Frank Sell is undoubtedly a fantastic entrepreneur.  It is his intentional approach to life that helps you fill the void in your thinking.

I am grateful to share this conversation about a journey for peace and prosperity. 



Tommy Castor, VP Wichita Thunder, KFH Sports Daily and

February 20, 2023

When you make a profession out of the things you love-- enduring the challenge of wearing several hats every day-- you are leading with Entrepreneurship.

Tommy Castor admits, "I always wanted to own my own Radio Station.." and since that did not come to fruition, he thought he wasn't going to be an Entrepreneur.  And he was wrong.  Tommy took the attitude that "failing up" was possible.  The irony that this radio personality who "didn't want to be Programmed" is why he is able to make a career out of all of the things he loves.  

It was a joy to talk to Tommy.  Catch him on his podcast Keeper of the Games



Audra Dinell, Founder, The Thread

February 13, 2023

Audra Dinell had a vision to create a Women's Leadership development group at a very young age-- probably well before she had a deep understanding of the impact it could have.  And she wrote it down.  Her vision was on its way to becoming a reality.  

Audra started her 1st Cohort for the Thread, Women's Leadership Collective, 2 years ago.  The impact in the community is remarkable.  And as Audra says, "you have to ask yourself 'What do you want?' because what you focus on is what you will get."

Her "courage over fear, faith over doubt" is why The Thread is already expanding beyond Wichita, USA.  Audra has set the example for anyone to follow who wants to make their vision a reality. 



Manroj Sangha, Empowered Engineering,

February 6, 2023

"I wanted to build a platform to engage with the world the way I want to."   - Manroj Sangha

Be intentional with the idea you have or it could end up as a foolish endeavor-- wasting your time and the time of others.  This is the thought I had when I first met Manroj Sangha as it was clear that he was fully committed and focussed on his entrepreneurial journey.  A journey that led him to Found and operate Empowered, Opportunities Engineered.  Rarely do I get the chance to meet an entrepreneur in the throws of making their "side hustle" into their full time Life.  Manroj wasted no time. He is intentional. He is thoughtful. His commitment to his craft, customers and community are in every aspect of his work and in his personal family life.  He has inspired me. I am grateful to introduce Manroj Sangha to you.  




Kansas Amateur Champs Asher Whitaker '22 & Corey Novascone '96

January 30, 2023

On Winning/Success

"It shows that you are making an impact-- that your hard work is paying off."  -Asher Whitaker

The best Coaches are the ones that know how to communicate with the Player in a meaningful, mutual way and get out of the way giving credit to his players.  That is what 9X State Championship Coach Corey Novascone does.  And his player, 2X (because he has only had 2 shots at it thus far) State Champion and Youngest Kansas Amateur Champion since 1925, Asher Whitaker wants to be coached and knows the hard work is all up to him to execute.

Golf is incredibly entrepreneurial.  No one else can hit the shot.  It is up to you.  You live with your decisions-- good and bad-- and you live with the Glory-- often thanking everyone around you for supporting your individual effort.

This is a special conversation with 2 Kansas Amateur Champs and two people who are humbled by their success and possess the discipline to accomplish much more.  And they will.



Dr. Chris Majors, Shaping Up Medical Freedom

January 23, 2023

Dr. Chris Majors wants you to have more control over your health and deliver medical services at a lower cost.  This is a valiant effort.  Chris believes so strongly in this pursuit that he dedicates his professional life to it, for you.  Most professionals do not make a significant change in their lives in the middle of their career.  This is what makes Chris Majors so interesting and so powerful as a messenger for Medical Freedom.  

"Insurance is for risk.  We need to take control of our own healthcare."

Chris is a life-long learner and his curiosity towards seeking better solutions drives him.  And we need this kind of leadership because Chris admits, "I cannot tell you how complex this issues are..."




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Brandon has been working with entrepreneurs his entire professional career. An entrepreneur is not easily defined. They come from any background. Their path to success develops outside of traditional paradigms. This is why their stories are so intriguing. This is why we are all fascinated by their stories. what is consistent with all entrepreneurs is the unshakable belief in their desired goal and the will to just get it done.