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Stories from entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs have fascinating, dynamic stories. They are all different. What is similar is their Entrepreneur Factor. Their "E-Factor." Experience their candid stories with us.

Michael Austin, Economist

June 5, 2023

"Is it Choice or Control?"   - Michael Austin

Michael Austin is an Economist who uses logic, economics, history and thoughtful communication to help bring solutions to complex issues.  

People deserve to make choices in their own lives.  Educating a child is certainly a choice worth giving a parent.  Michael is spending a large part of his time and resources educating people on the Choices that should exist in education.  

"I don't know what you want but I want you to choose."

Give people the confidence to make their own choices.  This is the best way for our Society to improve while improving how we all relate to one another. 




Wichita Open with Dusty Buell & Roy Turner

May 30, 2023

"None of this is about me or Roy-- this is about our community."

-- Dusty Buell, Tournament Director

"These guys aren't just Professional Golfers, they are great guys."

-- Roy Turner, Wichita Open Hall of Fame


The Wichita Open is the best event on the Korn Ferry Tour, developmental tour for the PGA.

This is because of a number of factors: the Fans, Community involvement, Sponsors, Volunteers, patrons.  Every organization needs a Leader and the Leader of the Wichita Open for the last 20 years, Roy Turner, is the biggest reason for the success and momentum of the Wichita Open.  As Roy turned the Leadership over the Dusty Buell the momentum only grows.  Dusty Buell embraces everything Coach Roy has done and this is why the Wichita Open will continue to make a huge positive impact in Wichita, USA.  






Institutions & Individuals with our friend Dr. Dix

May 22, 2023

Institutions are an inevitable consequence of human civilization.  It is the work of individuals that created the institutions.  So shouldn't institutions be more important than the individuals?  What are the consequences of institutions who fail the individual because the institution puts itself ahead of the people it is designed to help? Now, individuals are fighting for the institution regardless of the negative outcomes the institution creates which might be deliberately faithless. And while it is true that institutions often refine and enlarge the public view, it is the role of the individual to question the ambition of the institution.  Ambition must be made to impede ambition so the institution does not abuse.

"..the causes of factions cannot be removed; and that relief is only to be sought in the means of controlling its effects."

-- James Madison, Federalist No. 10



Wendell Funk, President Wichita Independent Business Association

May 15, 2023

"Keep talking to people-- that's where you learn."  -Wendell Funk

The organization that Activates entrepreneurs and independent business people is WIBA.  Wichita, Kansas has a culture of entrepreneurship.  Wendell Funk and his team have made it their mission to be the connectors, the resource and the action for Entrepreneurs. 

And the best way for you to fill a void in your business is to engage with WIBA.  Every independent business and entrepreneur has multiple forces working against you so let WIBA be the force working for you.

A more robust entrepreneurial environment creates a more relatable and positive community where prosperity is the outcome.



Jimmy Vo & Cody Lonergan -- Odd Fellow Hall

May 8, 2023

"It's a Gathering Place." -- Jimmy Vo

"Not only are we doing things in the community, we are doing personal things."  -- Cody Lonergan

Bring together people who create.  Bring them together to gather all of their talents-- cook, sing, write, speak, live, laugh love.  This is Odd Fellow Hall.  Jimmy Vo and Cody Lonergran are bringing all of these talents and our community is the beneficiary.  And you never know what the Hall will bring.  So you need to show up every week and take a peak at Odd Fellow Hall. 



Max Emma, Founder/CEO BooxKeeping

May 1, 2023

"The moment we crossed the Boarder I realized I was responsible for my family." -- Max Emma, Founder

When your personal Independence Day is marked by the first day you started making your own money and not taking a paycheck from your employer-- you have unlocked the power of Entrepreneurship.  And what makes Max's personal Independence Day even more amazing is that he grew up in the Soviet Union.  Max and his family sought Independence, to live in a free Society and to work knowing you will be rewarded for your efforts.  

As the Founder and CEO of Booxkeeping, Max pursues independence for his Customers and his Franchisees because when you know your records are good your mind is free to create.

"You concentrate on running your business, we will concentrate on your financial records."  Max is an inspirational Entrepreneur and a #CoolBeanCounter. 



First Tee of Greater Wichita -- Trent Jones, Executive Director & Corey Novascone, Program Director

April 24, 2023

"We fundraise in our local community-- we have been successful reducing barriers by fundraising that way."  

-Trent Jones, Executive Director

First Tee provides opportunities for kids to play.  They are playing golf for sure but the opportunity for a kid, any kid, to engage with other kids in willful play is crucial to healthy development.  First Tee of Greater Wichita continues to privately raise funds so there are no barriers for kids to play.  

The campaign to expand opportunities to kids is underway.  The new Learning Center for First Tee Wichita will give kids a chance to learn and play, rain or shine.  

We can all participate in this through giving time or donating money.   Take a few more practice swings and then visit because we are up next on The First Tee. 



Lily Wu, Leader, All For Wichita

April 17, 2023

"I competed for a spot."  -- Lily Wu

Leadership takes courage in any aspect of life.  It is a selfless act.  And it gives us all a chance to positively affect one another-- a uniquely human attribute. 

Lily Wu is a Leader.  She is humble, she is resilient, she has a genuine curiosity and interest in the success of people.  She proves that every day.  

Her journey is a remarkable story. 

I have learned on my entrepreneurial journey that Attitude and Commitment are more important than anything else.  

Lily's Attitude makes you feel better about yourself, about life.   Her Commitment is undeniable and you learn that as you learn her story.

Her story is a remarkable journey. 

I am grateful to share this conversation and the courage of Lily Wu. 



John Rolfe, CEO Wichita Chamber of Commerce

April 10, 2023

"We can't be a crockpot in a microwave world."

-John Rolfe

Taking action is critical in life.  And the positive results add up quickly.  The Wichita Chamber of Commerce has a talented staff and a thriving membership because they help us take action.

John Rolfe is a significant reason why our community takes action and improves conditions for commerce to take place.  He is pursuing that agenda and publicly available to help move the agenda and that is what it takes from a leadership position.  That is leadership.  John thinks every day about pushing a thriving economy.  There are a lot of resources and they are best utilized when people lead others to make faithful investments in the community.  



Stacy Ward, Hopping Gnome

April 3, 2023

"There's lots of beer out there-- are people going drink this?"

-Stacy Ward, Hopping Gnome Brewing


Stacy Ward had a conversation with her husband Torrey Lattin and they made the decision to become entrepreneurs.  They immediately understood that to be successful they must embrace a division of labor-- Stacy ran the business and marketing and Torrey honed his technique to make the product the best it could be for their customers.  

The courage to start is as important as the courage to keep going every day.  Stacy and Torrey are people to emulate.  They make our community better.

And they are improving the opportunity for us to gather, communicate and learn from each other with their new Hopping Gnome Tap Room.  I am grateful for their leadership through action. 





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