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Stories from entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs have fascinating, dynamic stories. They are all different. What is similar is their Entrepreneur Factor. Their "E-Factor." Experience their candid stories with us.

Eric Litwiller, Mental Health Association

November 27, 2023

The Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas serves a vital role in our community.  MHA is committed to giving a hand up when any of us may need it.

At Christmas time it is better to give than receive-- there is no question about that.  Families who do not have resources for basic needs ask MHA for help and MHA asks the community to "Adopt a Bell."  

Our friend Eric Litwiller is a tremendous voice for MHA and connecting many of us to this organization so we can help.  He shares the story of "the Bell" and is candid about struggles that any of us can and are facing.

Please visit the website and see how you can make this holiday season better for someone.  It is truly better to give than receive. 



Nestor Weigand, may he rest in peace

November 20, 2023

Re-release from our January 2020 conversation

Wichita lost a prolific Leader.  Wichita lost a fantastic Friend.

"And if we get up thinking we are entitled, instead of thanking God for the blessings we have...we got up on the wrong side of the bed, I believe."

-Nestor Weigand

From the Book of Proverbs: 

Blessed is the man for whom a good family lives, to whom work is a pleasure, by whom his friends are encouraged, with whom others are comfortable, in whom a clear conscience abides.

Rest in Peace Mr. Weigand.



Chef George Youssef, Chester's & George's

November 13, 2023

"Our culture is this, LOVE, nothing but love."

Chef George Youssef

A first generation Wichitan, a first generation American; George Youssef has his heart in everything he does.  People are the most important part of his life and he works every day to be humble and to lead with love.  I am grateful for this.  I am grateful for his friendship.



Candid Health Advisors with Dr. Brandon Alleman & Molly Breitenbach, CPA

November 6, 2023

"Because someone gave me a 'Not Discount Card', I can no longer do the thing that is important, [which is] take care of their health"

-- Dr. Brandon Alleman

Entrepreneurs are like artists; the work they do must have meaning behind it.  Dr. Brandon Alleman is dedicated to Direct Primary Care because "when you have physicians running the Practice you have Doctors who can choose to do what is best for their patient."

Molly Breitnebach, CPA was compelled to work in the area of Direct Primary Care because of the results she experienced.  There is profound meaning behind her decision to leave traditional accounting and to help people seek the best healthcare solutions. And she did.  Candid Health Advisors was created to help people ready for a change from the Insurance model to direct patient/doctor access.  

It can be intimidating, even scary to make a change on how your health care is delivered.  It intimidates me and I am convinced that this is the best way forward.

Dr. Alleman and Molly Breitenbach are committed to helping you access correctly incentivized health care.  That is the job of the entrepreneur-- show you the incentives.  




Vanessa Whiteside,, author SECRET Wichita

October 30, 2023

"Its a GET UP AND GO kind of book."

Vanessa Whiteside, Author Secret Wichita

Entrepreneurs are created when action is taken on the idea/dream burning inside.  Vanessa took action and her Life, her One Delightful Life, is the result.  And in her second book, SECRET Wichita, she gives us the knowledge, history and culture that makes up our thriving community.

Vanessa is living a life of purpose and she is fulfilling her curiosity so we can fulfill ours.  Visit and engage with her eclectic experiences and to buy her books published by Reedy Press.  



Klaus Schwab, Stakeholder Capitalism with Dr. Dix

October 23, 2023

"I believe that State Capitalism in the short term provides certain advantages because you can mobilize in a concentrated way a lot of resources to reach a specific objective. I believe the future is not State Capitalism or Shareholder [private] Capitalism, the future is what I call Stakeholder Capitalism which is capitalism combined with social responsibility."

-- Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab wants the world to participate in solving our problems and he has a few rules to make sure it's done right.  And that means the pesky individuals who believe in free association and free markets must set aside those values and get on board with Stakeholders.  And since individuals do not understand the importance of the "stakes" Klaus will seek people capable of solving these very technical problems.  We will call them Technocrats; George Soros, Bill Gates, John Kerry are a few worthy leaders who are technically proficient in solving all of these problems.

So you should feel a relief.  Klaus has the plan and he calls it Stakeholder Capitalism.  I used my pocket Thesaurus to find a synonym for his term and Productive Socialism came up! Wow! how silly of us.  I read about that throughout history and it never ends well-- millions of people dying through the State, oops I mean Stakeholders...

Anyhooo, they have it figured out now and all it took was rebranding!  Stakeholder Capitalism-- This time it's different. Coming to a city near you.



Tommy Castor, Wichita Thunder Hockey

October 16, 2023

Tommy Castor uses his unique abilities every day of his life in a career he pursued and you can hear it in his voice.  You can hear that voice on local Sports Talk radio KFH 98.7 and Keeper of the Games podcast (@KOGpod).

It is a joy to talk with people that love what they do.  There is an inspiration and a connection that happens when you see their spark. 

Tommy is also VP for the Wichita Thunder and they drop the puck for their 32nd season in Wichita, USA on October 20th.  We have professional sports in this community and none with a longer standing than the Wichita Thunder.  Go see them.  Tommy and his staff have been very creative to make experiences for all at Thunder Hockey games. 

Don't know what the crease is? No matter, there are places to hang at the arena for lots of novice hockey fans. Confused by the Power Play?! Show up to see the Thunder play and you will feel the excitement in the fastest moving professional sport.



Alex Bennett, Author

October 9, 2023

"I live off the generosity of others" --Alex Bennett

Art mimics life.  Alex interacts with people in a place where we are arguably our most human-- a bar.  We go to bars to be with people.  We go to be a lone.  We laugh and cry.  A bar gives us what we need and it also can take it all away.

Alex has spent his life with us in that bar.  A professional at his craft-- being there for people who need a shot of humanity.

In his first historical fiction novel, A Shot of Oakies, Alex Bennett takes us on a journey through the history of whiskey.  Its a trilogy and as soon as he finished the first, he began the next.

No matter what you want to create in this world you must take action.  It is fun to share Alex's story and his thoughts around publishing his first book.  



Philip W Magness, Economic Historian

October 2, 2023

"You start seeing what looked like a coordinated attack."  

--Phil W. Magness

Data Analysis is important.  Data Analysis in a vacuum is dangerous.  Phil Magness, Author & Economic Historian does extensive data analysis and uses it to explain economic and cultural events with the goal of achieving greater human freedoms.   

His data analysis lends significant credibility as he sets the record straight on inaccurate distortions of history.  His book, The 1619 Project, A Critique is a vivd example of the work he does.  Historically inaccurate depictions occur and using prefabricated language to assuage or intensify a point of view almost guarantees negative outcomes.  

We must begin to learn from our historical errors or commence to repeat them.  Humanity is more capable than that.  I appreciate the opportunity to share Phil's work.  Freedom is the outcome he seeks.



Education with Stan Saiz, Founder Green Gate Children's School

September 25, 2023

"I watched this child slowly lose that spark in her eye."

-- Stan Saiz, Founder Green Gate School

Education is fundamental to human development, cooperation and success.  Stan Saiz took action to create a place where kids can learn in the most human of ways; through play.

Play is adaptive learning.  School/Education in this country is controlled by a specific set of outcomes and when you look at those outcomes it is easy to conclude that our youth are NOT learning the way our country is teaching. 

Stan saw that through his own experiences.  And he concluded, "we are relying on others to tell us what to do and that creates dependency" not the autonomy each of us need to fully self-actualize.  

Education like life is an individual experience.  As we engage with our own development we will activate collaboration to improve this human experience. 




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Brandon has been working with entrepreneurs his entire professional career. An entrepreneur is not easily defined. They come from any background. Their path to success develops outside of traditional paradigms. This is why their stories are so intriguing. This is why we are all fascinated by their stories. what is consistent with all entrepreneurs is the unshakable belief in their desired goal and the will to just get it done.